Spoon Rest Recommendations?

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This is laughably specific, but does anyone have a spoon rest they can recommend? I’d like it to be dishwasher-safe and ideally brushed aluminum/stainless steel finish. Should I spring for a dual spoon holder?


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I have this one:

I probably bought it at Home Goods or Tuesday Morning 7-8 years ago. I like that it is heavy enough that it stays put, washes up beautifully, big enough that I can put more than 1 utensil in it. My s/p shakers live in it when I’m not cooking - which makes it easy to lift just one thing rather than 3 off the counter when cleaning!


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Mine looks a bit like this:

And for a big spoon or ladle:
I have plenty of both.



I have a small counter space between my fridge and stove top, and I have a 2 cup coffeemaker there, along with an enameled tall pot to hold wooden spoons. So I didn’t want anything too big. I use several half-moon antique bone dishes, as they nestle up against the enamel pot.


But I think @meatn3 has given you the best idea - or maybe something like this?




I have this arty one at home, bought it when on sale. Good to look at with it’s shiny mirror stainless steel. I never put it in the dish washer but clean it instantly after use to avoid scratches. Not sure it’s very practical for day to day use, but it’s good for dinner parties etc.

For day to day use, I use also a soy/sauce dish in ceramic and this goes to machine. The design is just some small round plates about from 5cm-7cm, I have several of them. I’m sure you can find some nice design.


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No strong recommendation. I got a stainless steel one and a plastic one. A dual spoon holder is more compact, but a dual spoon holder can also be more restricted. For example, you may not able to put two large items together.



I have these two, and don’t think anything does a better job of earning their keep.

Maybe this.

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I do have lots of those little pinch bowls, but they are currently in rotation for feeding our toddler…

No extra coffee mugs here, we need all the caffeine we can get.


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Those are elegant, so is the one you posted

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I think we have a winner. Thanks!

One last question, does the finish have a yellowish cast to it?

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Dang, I just whatever is lying around. Usually one of my many recycled takeout boxes or even the lids to it. I feel so un-fancy!

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No. More grey than silver. It’s the only spoon rest I’ve had that I really like.


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Probably overkill, but check out this spoon reat / pot lid holder: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202301873180

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I’ve not seen that before. I think the upright piece would complicate cleaning. It might take up excess room in the dishwasher. As big of a klutz as I am my sleeve would catch on it and everything would hit the floor!

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Fair points. Also the spoon rest part is tiny.