Spoiler Alert- blurring the spoilers for your fellow users

You really don’t want to be that person who ruins it for everyone. Here’s what you can do to keep your popularity here:

Just click the gear icon when you are typing up your post, click blur spoiler, and put the text you want to blur between the [spoiler ] and [/spoiler ]

The text and pictures will be blurred until clicked on.

This spoiler tag seems to only work for text and paragraphs with no empty rows in between.

Even with this feature, it’d still be nice if you indicate Spoiler in the title so those who read the email digest (where this feature doesn’t work) won’t accidentally see your spoilers.

Give it a try below and please provide comments on the feature/ bugs.


Can Joan have it all?

After taking the money and running last week, Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) is all set to spend the rest of her life in luxurious retirement, living it up with boyfriend Richard (Bruce Greenwood). But after a meeting with Ken Cosgrove opens the door to a new opportunity for her in the video production biz, Joan discovers that she’s as hungry for a career as ever — and we discover that Richard doesn’t like how much Joan likes to work. It’s not long (literally, in screen time it’s like 60 seconds) before she’s forced to choose: the job, or the man. We do hope Richard didn’t let the door hit him in his perfectly formed behind on the way out.

Source: US Weekly.

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Isn’t that a clever thing. Now to have some spoilers so I can use it!

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Wow. That’s a very tidy solution.

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Yes, agree. Very cool feature.

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That’s a great solution.

Thank You.

I am going to put spoiler alert everywhere now, but first

Everyone. NotJrvedivici is really jrvedivici
However, please don’t tell him that. I think he has Amnesia, and he is not ready to face this truth yet.


Damn. I clicked on it just to see the techie side of things.

I would never, ever, have guessed that secret. It really is spooky.


Brilliant, Sampson! Maybe the Team over at CH will have an RSS feed and 20-page FAQ about how they can’t do this. :wink: