Query on the use of this sub-forum

Back in the day, I’d find my legs slapped by the CH moderators for posting stuff to the “wrong” board. For example, I’d start a thread on the UK board about the start of a new season of a food programme. Other Brits would post to the thread - and then I’d get an email saying it had been moved to “Media” at which point, no-one ever found it again. The leg slapping came after I would rant that moving it had destroyed discussion.

So, in good faith (honest), when I wanted to comment on a British restaurant chain, I posted to the Chains boards. So, the fuckwits move that to the UK board, saying Chains meant American chains.

My query is asking clarification about where HO would like such posts. I suppose the query also relates to media threads - regional board or topic board.

Aw, c’mon, Harters - be honest: you just can’t wait to get your legs slapped again :smiley:

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“fuckwits” - my new favorite word!!!


I think if what you are posting is UK-specific and Yanks know nothing about, then its best to post in the UK board.

I know that’s not very clean way to do it, but then again I am thinking that posting in the chains and media boards may not get much attention from the Brits?

What do you think?

It’s certainly the way to best ensure other Brits see the thread - we are probably less inclined to read a heavy North American media board.

There is an inherent issue about TV competitive programmes, to which there is no real solution. We may discuss a programme on the UK board and innocently post what become spoilers when the show is broadcast across The Pond by, say, BBC America a couple of years later.

in that case, i have a solution. There is a spoiler plugin that I can install that blurs the text until clicked on.

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I will install it next time I need to bring the site down for maintenance/ upgrade, probably within a week.

Done- the spoiler alert feature is now available:

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That is truly awesome – not that I watch any cooking competitions, but to have that feature will be helpful for those who do!