Split Cooking and Baking

into 2 separate forums?

or just title it home cooking

I would like that but would anyone else?

I actually like that idea of splitting the two into separate forums.

You might want to add Site Talk to the groups in which this is posted, so Sampson can see it and consider it.

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I like the idea of splitting them if we have enough traffic. Sometime when you split a low traffic topic out, you will get even less traffic afterward, which can be counter-productive in building it up. Do we have enough baking topic to efficiently split it up (I am not saying yes or no. I am just cautioning)


I support the idea of splitting, but not at this point. There is too little baking traffic to warrant its own board yet. We don’t want a situation where there are more boards than people since we are just starting out.


OK, that works for me.

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Btw, please invite all your baking pals over! We all gotta have deserts, you know?

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I disagree. “Start as you intend to go on”.

It’s much more disruptive to split it later than now. People will have to check BOTH threads for baking topics! And/or it will create a headache to have to find and move all the old baking posts.

Please split it now! As it is, I don’t post baking topics because I feel any such thread will just get lost anyway.

You don’t have to go to the extremes of splitting it up into Bread vs Pies vs Cakes and etc - one baking and one home-cooking category is enough. You’ve got a vegetarian category - a baking category is not beyond the pale.

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I just created a baking board. Have fun!

BTW I was originally thinking about splitting maybe a month from now. But your point taken. Though it is mostly me moving the posts over.



dances about

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not sure about splitting the boards. currently, there’s only one topic on the baking board, but when i replied to the homemade christmas gift topic, all the recipes i included were for sweets – 2 cookies, 1 candy and chocolate bourbon – so i see potential for overlap.

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Well the Baking board hasn’t even been up one whole day yet, give it a chance, LOL!

You’re going to have that kind of overlap anyway. It’d just overlap with “Cooking” if “Baking” didn’t exist.

I will do my best to get my favorite bread recipe posted tomorrow. Now that the forum is there I should use it, right?

Well, it is too late.

Anyway, time will be the best proof. My opinion: this is too early. However, time will tell.