Spiral Ham Shelf Life

I have a spiral ham that I got for “free” for spending $400.00 at my local supermarket Easter 2022, so approximately eight months. I don’t want to throw it out. It’s been in my basement refrigerator kept @ a constant 36F. Looking through the clear Cryovac packaging it seems perfect. I think I’m going to eat it over the Holidays. I think it will be OK unless there’s some kind of bacteria (anaerobic?) or toxins I’m unfamiliar with. With all that salt and the temperature and packaging I think I’ll be OK, I think. I’ve read online that hams should last 75 days so this is only twice as much. What do you think? I’ve lived a good life.

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You’re 5-6 months over what is generally recommended for refrigerated ham. It should have a “use by/expiration” date on it.

If you are adventuresome, look for mold on the surface of the ham, a slimy or tacky texture, a sour smell, or discoloration of the meat (gray in color).

But I would toss it.