Spicy food challenges, California (or anywhere!)

Cool, I’ll try almost everything once. I do like sweetbreads a lot. Shirako, ok, not my fav.

Is there any offal that you will not eat? Rocky mountain oysters, just no for me.

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Brains, in particular of the swine variety, remind me (texturally) of bone marrow mixed with the gelatinous skin of pig’s feet. Good suff.


Yeah, sort of.

Not sure I would go out of the way to Lin’s. It’s good, but sometimes they are a bit uneven. Very homestyle.

Like a box of chocolates, sometimes you just never know what you’re gonna get. Which is both good and bad, I suppose.


Thought of your comment (and others on the thread) when I read (and posted) this:

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Haven’t come across any yet… although I’ve not encountered those landlocked oysters.

they’re overrated

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Noted, will be more a check the box exercise for me. Lest I fall for them hard.

Another spicy & tasty option, local Sri Lankans spots tend to lean on the spicier scale too.


For offal and street food at a good price this spot sounds good.


Dollar now 1.25 each and finish yourself on bbq on street.

Ever been? Was on a Netflix show about la street food.

Thoughts on balut?

Looks great, I definitely want to check them out. Charcoal grilled meats and offal :heart_eyes:.
Appears they’ve also expanded to Queens recently

I concede, I don’t think I can do balut. Have an aversion to poultry feather

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I read that the skewers don’t start until 430 seems like better evening food anyways

Good find on the eater article

Thought this would be apropos here.

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I enjoyed this thanks – hold the durian for me!

With the heat breaking next week those spicy chicken feet have been on my mind @Sgee

Today had a comfort staple

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Here are a few more from that lunch at Szechuan Impression

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Good for these guys being one of the few spots at the BH farmers market to offer free samples

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the “numbing” peppercorns with the fish were quite nice. Not super hot, but impactful and tasty.

The cold fresh bamboo dish was something I hadn’t tried before I really enjoyed it.


Do the peppercorns themselves have much of a taste? I always thought they were just more numbing than anything.

I like Sichuan Impression, but the numbing dishes (esp the stuff in broth form) can have a sour back note that can be a bit fatiguing over time (IMHO).

Yeah I’d call it more a back note, kind of black pepper flavor plus, but a lasting one on the tongue. I think I prefer the fish in the redder pepper oil broth pot. Water boiled fish ?

Good thing about SI is they have a relatively large menu of appealing stuff so with a few folks can always try something new and also have old favorites. The mapa tofu there has some msg meaty spicy crack sauce around it and we always get that one.

I tend to enjoy the toothpick lamb better at other Szechuan places.

SI has some great chicken dishes too. I also like the wontons.

What do you like to get there @paranoidgarliclover ?

I’ve only been a few times, and the large format dishes make it hard for the two of us to get a lot of dishes.

Believe it or not, my fav dish is the Mama’s Handmade Noodle! So comforting and like home cooking (not that that was what my parents made at home). But we’ve enjoyed almost everything we’ve tried (boiled fish w/ rattan pepper, mini lamb skewers, tea smoked ribs; I think we might’ve also tried the shredded potatoes). The only thing that I wouldn’t get again is the mai cai (I think that’s what it was).


Thanks for the tips! I’ll check out the noodles - it’s hard for me not to get the wontons!

I had higher hopes for the ribs - now they are tasty but I didn’t get any smokiness when I tried em.

I agree about the mai cai, just too greasy for me.

every time…

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