Spicy food challenges, California (or anywhere!)

Oh, how funny. Yes, there is “smoked” in the name but, for some reason, I didn’t expect any smokiness from them.

I do very much enjoy mapo tofu but, for some reason, almost never get it when I go out. My mom used to make it on occasion, and I think she used a packaged mix for the mapo sauce. So that’s the “right” taste to me, and it doesn’t taste like that at restaurants! :wink: I think I like a thinner sauce.

so do some restaurants

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Ugh, I have no doubt. But, you know, if the mix is good and you add a little pizzaz on your own… But I think that’s also one of the reasons I don’t order it when I’m out.

It wasn’t meant as a disparaging remark, just a statement of fact.

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Hotville isn’t as good as rays or hotboys but it’s good. It’s damn hot too. The proof is in the


Actually the proof is in the …

Hot Poop GIFs | Tenor

Yeah, that’s what I was about to say…

@chienrouge: they don’t advertise it as hot, but skip Willie Mae’s (at least the ghost kitchen in West LA).

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