Spices, India, Covid - Donate to Relief Efforts

I was going to post this to the Spice Company thread but i think merits its own thread.

Diaspora Co had a powerful IG post about consuming / benefiting from cultures that moved me to tears: “You cannot profit off or consume a culture without showing up for the real, gasping human beings upholding that culture. This is when they need you most.”

It was a plea for help from businesses that source from India, manufacture in India, tweak and reconfigure Indian food or products (chai? yoga? spices? the list is long), use an indian aesthetic (the list is even longer), and so on.

For ways to help with what’s happening, search for India Covid Relief - there are many reputable organizations such as SEWA USA, AAPI USA, and AIF USA working on myriad aspects of direct and immediate aid. Or visit Diaspora Co’s IG or tinyurl.com/diasporarelief - they are even giving away a tote bag.

There is a growing list of causes - everything from oxygen concentrations to PPE to food pantries/kitchens - in dire need.


It does merit its own thread, @Saregama - thank you for starting it.

I was thinking about donating to the Indian Red Cross or seeing if I could donate through one of the Sikh organizations - was unsure of the best place/way to get funds to where they’ll have the best chance of helping.

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The three I linked above are long standing and verified with what they are actively doing with the funds.

That challenge at these times is knowing that things are getting where they need to most expediently with the least overhead

AAPI for example is the US physicians group, who is working with medical groups there re oxygen. SEWA and AIF have long experience with aid.


It does merit its own thread, I agree. Thank you for providing links @Saregama.

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And in case you all know people in Kolkata