Spices - Ground Black Lime

Happy winter holidays everyone! I hope you are all staying cozy and warm inside, and feeling brisk and energetic outside. My 2nd brain tickler is ground black lime. Have you used it? How? I told you my little was testing my creativity. Another chooser might have given at least some thought to how chosen spices might be used in what we already cook. But this one - he is an adventurer!

I liked this spice sprinkled gently on top of sourdough discard waffles just before I closed the waffle iron on each one. Not knowing how potent it would be, I used a light hand, and it tasted subtle. But a nice little sour tang. I’m thinking I might sprinkle some into some pico de gallo tonight for steak tacos.


Never heard of this one. Interested to know more.

The jar simply said they dry lime rinds in the sun until black and then grind them. So they have a sourish yet toasty flavor…

I don’t care for the taste but this link is where I purchased it with suggestions for use.

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This is where my gift was purchased too. I should have realized there might be use suggestions on the website that were a little more robust than what they write on the bottle. Thank you.