Specialty delivery and pick-up [Greater Boston area]

What is the season and where are they grown? (I’d always assumed they were shipped to us in the GBA from elsewhere.)

To start answering my own question, it appears that the nearest to us that Lychees are grown is Florida, and that their season runs from May through July. Whole Foods has carried them in the past, and they’ve been quite good, and reliably so. I’ve gotten good ones from H-Mart but have also seen moldy ones there.

Arax in Watertown has also carried them in the past. They have good fruit and a good selection.

Yes, now that you mention it, I remember them there. And, as you say, their quality is generally good.

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Missed this. Sorry, but I guess you answered your own question. From personal experience, the early season fruit is much like the watermelons you start to see now. Not so good, but there may be some exceptions. Usually July through August is when I see a lot of lychee, and some of the Chinese markets will often have sales given the abundance. They start to wane again after September.

They thrive in warmer, humid climates so Florida makes sense, but given some of the political insanity going on there now, it does not bode well for Florida produce this season.

What I’m about to say below broadly fits under the umbrella of the title of this thread. I’ve stumbled upon an extraordinary delivery and food service, Bombay Brunch, in the GBA that specializes in Maharashtrian food (@Amandarama alert). For those unfamiliar with the cuisine, see here. They seem to operate out of Charlestown (or possibly Somerville) with pickup locations there but also $5 delivery in Cambridge, Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, etc.

They are uncompromisingly focused on this one cuisine, offering things that you won’t get elsewhere in the Boston area, and indeed most areas in the U.S.: Bhakri (a rustic flatbread) with the choice of bajri (pearl millet), ragi/nachni (finger millet) jowar (sorghum), and rice; snacks such as kothimbir vadi (cilantro squares), sabudaNa vada (tapioca fritters) and a range of unusual vegetable dishes. Everything I’ve had has been excellent, although it’s faintly on the heavy side (for example, the sabudaNa vadi are a little denser than I prefer). But that’s a minor quibble. I plan to get their food often, and so should you.


Looks great! Unfortunately it appears they won’t deliver to Waltham (and I don’t drive other than, grudgingly, for work). Hopefully they’ll extend their delivery zone at some point.

From a mailing from BB today:
“Delivery: Cambridge/Charlestown/Arlington/Belmont/Somerville/Medford/Winchester
Reach out to Bombay Brunch at 781-207-3245 if you want a delivery in towns that are not listed above.”



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