La Saison (Cambridge, MA)

La Saison, a bakery, opened at 407 Concord Ave about a year go, not the best time for a food place to open. I’d passed by it several times, and finally went in. It’s pretty good breadwise, and pretty great pastrywise. I particularly liked their pistachio-rose cookie, with a crispish exterior, and a moist, rich interior, and their orange-marzipan scone. Their breads are sourdough, but not as sourdoughy as I might wish, and a little on the pale side. But I’ve not sampled many of them yet.

They have an interesting back story and are well worth supporting:

Here’s their website:

They’re a small outfit and they run out of breads by noon, so if you want something in particular, I suggest calling a day ahead and reserving.


Very interesting back story as you say. The pictures on their website are enticing too. Those crackers look amazing!


Oh my, this looks appealing. Persian flavors speak to me (okay, a lot of food voices in my noggin and I do enjoy their company).


Yes, the crackers look great – but they don’t always have everything on hand. If you particularly want any of them, call ahead.

There’s a certain charm in how a small outfit like this operates, and you have to go with the flow. Their Barbari/Barberi bread looks nothing like the picture on the website, nor is it a Wednesday special. It’s a Thursday special, except this past Thursday they didn’t have it because “it didn’t come out right”. I happened to stop by the next day, and they had, unannounced, a shelf-full of it.

But, again, they have interesting baked goods and are well worth visiting.