Specialized baking sheet - use?

Saw 2 of this KitchenAid branded baking pan in a thrift shop. It’s basically half-sheet sized with typical lip on one end but the other has a sloped edge like it might be designed for letting stuff slide off (or on).

Any ideas as to actual intended use?


It’s for cookies according to The Kitchn.



Thank You!!!

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Check out the reviews on Amazon for that pan - 94% rate it 4-star and higher.


Cool pan and great score! Looks like your GW has a good book selection too.

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I didn’t get them yet, but I may now that I know what they are and how happy users are with them (thanks @MunchkinRedux). There are 2 there that I can get for $4.80 total. They’re both in good used condition. The surface imperfections are shallow and not as much as they seem in the photo - some of that is just places where the baked-on patina is uneven or has rubbed off. I do wonder wonder how much that patina will interfere with the original non-stick function, though.

They do have a very good books section, categorized by age and for older readers, they try to break into genres. This is a Humane Society thrift. It’s run with 2 employees and I think 8 or 10 rotating retiree volunteers. I mostly browse the kitchen and appliances sections which are decent, but the majority of the store is clothing.

I did get these teak bowls for $6.40. Hardly used, if the fact that the “Dolphin” brand stickers are still largely intact is any indication. They’re kind of weird because the base diameter is 15% wider than the top, but I thought they looked fun. I sent photos to 2 of my daughters and they both wanted them so I guess they’re destined to be split up 2 and 2.


I think the big selling point for me is that it appears hell-for-stout, and isn’t likely to warp.

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You shouldn’t have any problems with the pans, since you can always put some parchment paper down for your cookies, or whatever you may be baking/roasting. I think my mind jumped to GW since the shelving looks exactly like my local GW! In any case, I love thrifting and have gotten some great things there, including a lot of cookbooks and canning jars.

I can imagine your DD’s wanting the wooden bowls - the youngers seem to really like the retro stuff, at least mine do.

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That’s for sure. But in my family it seems more of a girl thing - all 3 of my daughters started buying clothes at thrift shops early in their HS years and got more than half of their clothes that way. A lot of their HS buddies did, too. They still regularly go thrifting for clothing and knickknacks[1].

My son is still home (HS senior) and may wear a shirt one of his sisters got him thrifting if it’s essentially brand new, but certainly isn’t enthused about it like they were.

[1] I just realized this word has 4 Ks. Are there words with 5 or more?

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Is this like George Foreman Grill (Knock the fat off)?