Spare Rib Recipes not Smoked/BBQ?

Yes, Salted Black Beans and Fermented Black Beans are the same thing.
Great recipe for Steamed Ribs in Black Bean Sauce (豉汁蒸排骨) from BiC Kitchen

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Thank you for the link. I like her style. Detailed and calm.

I have used many of her recipes with very good results. Making her Turnip Cake (Lo Bak Gou/蘿蔔糕/萝卜糕) today for Lunar New Year. :full_moon::dragon: :firecracker: :firecracker: :firecracker:

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Here’s an oven recipe for beef ribs and potatoes. Early in, he says pork ribs can be substituted. The recipe details are at the end, but this is more a method than a complete recipe so he says to use whatever rub ingredients you like.

And a somewhat different oven method for pork ribs, details at the end.

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I haven’t tried Glen’s beef oven ribs, but there’s nothing wrong with his pork spare ribs recipe. The times when it’s crazy bad outside (not often here, but does happen), I’ve made recipes just like his oven ribs and they’re really just fine.

He did over-do the acid a bit, IMO. But that’s just personal pref…

He (Glen, on his YT channel) has a lot of good stuff I’ve learned from. Good channel overall, as far as I’m concerned.