Southern Oregon

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Great read! Nice to see these two rewarded for their dedication to excellence and their outrageous work ethic.


An more in-depth encapsulation of the above stuff…


Bringing a small town cafe and bar back to life.
This is cool because Crater Lake’s up the road apiece.

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Great “local color” story. I hope the pair are wildly successful in this venture.

Thanks for posting!


Partner had a quick road trip through southern Oregon this weekend. He ended up grabbing breakfast at Rooster’s in Medford: spoke extremely highly of the oatmeal (yeah, he ordered oatmeal!) and the cinnamon rolls. Said it felt like 95% of the other people seemed like regulars and, if we lived in the area, he’d happily be one of them.


Jim, the Rooster’s owner, makes excellent pies.
Here’s a little place called Downtown Market.

They have an inventive brunch Saturday and Sunday.


This is about several more obscure locales,
not just us, but I’ll go ahead and stick this here…


I just posted this the other day…



Was that what trump served?


They have a vivid sense of humor in Eugene.


I’ve always liked Eugene. The college influence makes a difference I’m sure.


Huevos Rancheros at Sweet Beet Cafe in Talent.