South Yarmouth Area [MA]

Need dinner recommendations for Saturday night in the South Yarmouth area, before a concert at the Cape Cod Cultural Center. I’m not at all familiar with this area. Seafood is always best, but open to anything that might be good. Price not a huge issue.
Thanks in advance.
Hope to Enjoy,

The only place I know in Yarmouth is the Old Yarmouth Inn which, in 2018, was OK but not as good as it probably likes to think of itself

Thank you. Sounds like it could be a disappointment.

Old Yarmouth Inn is closed for a vacation. They took all of their staff to Maui. So you won’t be able to find out. Check out Scargo Cafe on 6A in Dennis. Also a fave is the Impudent Oyster in Chatham. Not sure exactly where your concert venue is.

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Just realised how close Dennis Port is to your venue. The Ocean House is just 4 miles away and dinner there was our most enjoyed meal of the whole three week trip in 2018.

That sounds interesting. I’m going to the concert with someone from the area, but I’m not to sure about their taste in restaurants. HA!. I’ll check out their website. By the way, I wear a jacket; they don’t.

Closed until April 1st.