[Yarmouth, MA] Old Yarmouth Inn

You know those times when you’ve read how good a restaurant is and you’ve been really looking forward to it? And it proves to be not as good as you thought it would be – or as good as it probably thinks it is? Well, disappointingly, that was our experience here.

Clam chowder tasted fine – creamy and clammy but underseasoned. And served only lukewarm. A rocket salad was nicely dressed with balsamic and had little chunks of Gorgonzola giving it a salty edge. There was also slices of pear, which works really well with Gorgonzola when the pear is properly ripe. This wasn’t.

Fish for both main courses. One was a panko crusted fillet of haddock, the other salmon topped with a cranberry relish. Both perfectly cooked. And both with the same accompaniments – asparagus served fashionably crisp and, perhaps, too crisp and red skinned potatoes boiled and then given a brief frying in butter to add just a touch of colour. Both vegetables were, again, underseasoned and, truth be told, just a little boring, letting down the fish.

None of the desserts appealed and we just finished with very decent espresso. We‘d had a pleasant evening and enjoyed each other’s company but, let’s be honest here, the food was the sort that any half decent home cook could put on the table. Some places are like that.

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