Sous vide and FoodSaver

I think I read somewhere that standard FoodSaver bags are not intended for use in sous vide. I can imagine that FoodSaver itself might say say, just out of a concern to dodge liability prospects. Has anyone made a habit of doing this. (I’ve never done sous vide before.) I’m thinking of cooking to 135 degrees Fh.

In their FAQ FoodSaver says its bags are safe for sous-vide cooking:

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I’ve used food saver bags for years now. Never had a problem with them. (Though of course if they were slowly killing me I wouldn’t know - but as linked above, says they are fine).

“Has anyone made a habit of doing this?”

I do it too. I’ve read that caution about using zip lock bags ( after getting the air out).

Sous Vide Packaging—Safety, Sustainability, and Sourcing

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I bought my FoodSaver primarily to use for sous vide and I’ve never had issues or noticed anything off.

I regularly use Foodsaver (and similar generic brand products) as well as Ziplocs for sous vide. I have never had a problem with either, although when I use ziplocs I choose the heavier freezer type and only for short periods/lower temps.

Thanks for the link, and thanks to others for their remarks. I do have a nagging sense that quite some years ago, FoodSaver instructions included avoiding boiling food in the bags. But sous vide isn’t boiling, and that could make all the difference, or maybe I’m just misrecalling.

Has anybody tried any type of reusable silicon ziplock bags for sous vide? Opinions?