Soundview "Bar & Grill", Everett, WA

I used quotation marks because this place is a dive tavern. How divey? Well, a rusty frame is all that’s left of an identifying sign. It’s at the end of a rundown street on the industrial waterfront of a hardscrabble pulp mill and Navy city. Motorcycles parked on the sidewalk sport Bandidos badges. By all appearances, it’s a solid 9.5/10 dive.

We were in the mood for a dive experience, so GoogMap led us to Soundview. When I realized where we were, I was completely flummoxed–until recently, there was a another dive and a Hawai’ian restaurant directly across the street, both places familiar to me. The impression was that Soundview must want to stay hidden.

We had stopped just for a beer (a good tap list, BTW), but we were a little hungry, so I shagged one menu. Maybe fries or onion rings I thought… Turns out, the menu spoke to me for an early dinner, so we ordered up the Soundview Special burger. There were a lot of other things that sounded good, but I had trepidation about our first time choosing seafood or salad. I mean, if you do a poor job with a burger, why even try those?

This burger was outstanding. And huge. And tall. So tall it made cutting it in half a costly mistake. It’d been ages since any burger I’d ordered included a slice of ham, and never had I had a burger with both ham and bacon. I’ve had haute burgers that were not this good.

We’re looking forward to going back.

Oh, and they have a stunningly beautiful beer garden out back. Maybe it’s the Bandidos’ clubhouse?


pretty sure I’ve never heard of sliced ham on a burger … that’s a thing?

I’ve encountered it before, and sometimes it works. I think it’s like adding a fried egg to make a burger stand out.

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Did anyone notice the prices on the menu? VERY inexpensive for the PNW area.

Or anywhere these days. Bring on the fried oysters.

That place sounds a little skeery to me.:slightly_smiling_face:

Had the Soundview Special burger (ham + bacon + single patty) again yesterday.

The first time was not a fluke. They did paint the building, and bump their prices a buck or two, though.

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