Sorry did you have a hair in your Waffle House meal, this could be why....

Speaks for itself.

Appetite removal warning…

Was this at a Waffle House also?


lol…don’t think so, however I found it less offensive … so, so gross
It could possibly occur while eating at a Waffle House

It was recorded by a customer and the view seems to be rather unobstructed so they were pretty much washing their hair out in public, like WTF? At least go back in the storage room or something. Geeze.

In their defense, if there is a defense it does seem like they were just trying to soak or remove something from her dreds. You know like maybe she dipped her dred’s into the pancake mix first, then soaked it in a cooking pot to get the batter out.

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“It’s so hard to find good help these days”
I am clarifying no racist intention here…!!!
Go into any business … things have changed
lol the pancake mix…I can’t

I have a flying cat, so hairs do end up on the kitchen counter, but never in the pot or the final dish though.

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Sigh…my cat is smarter than those two knuckleheads

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Does it mean that they reuse the water for washing hair in the mixture of waffle? Somebody got to explain how come the hairs end up in the waffle?!

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I honestly don’t want to know!

Like Bigfoot, some things are better left unknown.

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Much ado about nothing, IMO. Apparently it’s no longer the case that people working around food must wear hairnets and beard nets. I doubt that this requirement would have lapsed if there were a serious health concern. Furthermore, hair from the heads of kitchen staffers who have short haircuts inevitably gets into food, though it goes unnoticed. It does appear that in the video, they were attempting to wash something out of the employee’s hair. Doing so in the kitchen rather than rest room warrants disciplinary action, but IMO, they shouldn’t have been fired.

There’s already L-Cysteine, derived from human hair, in certain foods.

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A poor choice of place and vessel for sure. But aren’t dreadlocks pretty stable? Would long hairs that could go halfway down your throat be able to come loose from dreadlocks? How likely is it that whatever hair was supposedly in the food came from this woman? I don’t really believe the original story, I suspect they saw the woman dipping a little hair in a pot and then decided there was hair in their food.

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Funny I was recently having this conversation with someone, did they do away with hair net requirements? I was out to eat recently and my waiter, a “hipster”, had a rather long beard I made the comment I was surprised he wasn’t required to wear a hair net. In the past people with long beards were required to wear them.

I never saw that in a restaurant, the net look isn’t very appetizing…
In Top Chefs shows, I always saw the candidate running their hairs with their fingers during the cooking (at least in the French edition)… I don’t know if that helps they to win or the food nurtures their hair.

Long beards were normally part of the kitchen staff, who were required to wear a hair net or possible braid them etc. Waitresses are not required to wear hair nets, however if carrying tray’s and they have long hair, they do need to keep it pulled back into a pony tail.

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Now I’m thinking more about a conspiracy… Dirty trick by Waffle House’s competitors.

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