Sonic Hedgedogs

No no no no!!! Ketchup ??? Corn dogs scream honey mustard!! :grinning:

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Please tell me that isn’t a selfie.


Haven’t tried that combo but I will next time, just for you. :wink:

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While this doesn’t rise to the level of abomination of ketchup on hot dogs,seems like a sweet overload.
Maybe some Salsa in honor of El Trumpo’s
conquest of our Southern neighbors.

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Re: Siracha. I like the huy fong with the rooster on it. Lately it’s been replacing tomato ketchup a lot on my plate.

The stuff is addictive, and perhaps a touch radioactive.

Hey JJ, do you think kimchi goes well with corn dogs?

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What doesn’t go with kimchee?

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You know thats an excellent point.

Maybe apple pie?

As I recall, MZ makes an apple pie with roasted Hatch Chiles. Maybe Kimchee in apple pie has some potential.

Don’t tell my wife about that pie…

Well there is sauerkraut pizza. It’s a big thing in the middle West.

Hey JR gotta say I’m liking this avatar. I may have to keep it for a while.

How did you know we talk to your wife?

Nice, I’ll be sure to tell your wife how found you are of it!! LOL

Sriracha is undoubtedly one of the world’s great hot sauces! I haven’t tried it on a corn dog (nor kimchi) but for some reason I like sweet things with my corn dog (like ketchup). I do love me some kimchi on a regular hot dog though!

Isn’t that the very same pots and pans lids rack discussed in that current thread? Hmmmmm.

You know Kimchi would be a great name for a dog:

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Speaking of Korean, does dog go well with kimchee?

This would be very confusing for those Koreans who enjoy eating that tasty, tasty kimchi.

Dang…went over to Delicious Orchards with this thread in mind, going to pick up a few of those spicy dogs I like so much. Closed on Mondays! {{sigh}}

Spicy dog with kimchi?

Btw I have never understood the appeal of the NY style hot dog onions, especially the sabretts in the jar. Those things is just buck nasty.

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Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, Yuanyang County, Yunnan
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