Sonic Hedgedogs

Even though this is the NJ board, in case any of you happen to be in NYC during the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, Shake Shack is serving their corn dog, something they do only three times a year: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. In 2014, we happened to be in the city during Labor Day weekend and were able to try it. Strange as it may seem, we’d never had a corn dog before, so we had nothing to compare it to. Still, we thought it was delicious. Came with a tasty corn relish.

<a href="Corn Dog with Corn Relish

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Hmm. All Sonics, or just NJ locations?

See I told you someone posted it!!

Coupon fine print says “Offer valid on August 31, 2016 while supplies last at participating SONIC ® Drive-ins.”

I’m guessing that means pretty much everywhere. There is an app on the webpage you can use to check:

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Corn Dogs are pretty much a middle western thing, I remember them largely as fair food.

The original is supposed to be at the Cozy Dog drive-in on olde Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois:

They are not something I get too excited about, but the originals are supposed to be better than the run of the swill, something about the batter.

It is indeed everywhere

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Got this text today: 876642: Celebrate today with $0.50 Corn Dogs all day @ SONIC. Bring a friend! 8/31 only. Tax & add-ons cost extra. HELP/STOP call 8447887525 9:59 AM

Hey JR, notice anything different?

You’ve got issues bro.

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It’s the catch/avatar of the day, with a side of corn relish…

I can never say no to a corn dog. Thank you sweet baby jesus.

Hey Joon, speaking of something that would be awesome on a corn dog, do you have a special recipe for hot oriental mustard?

Q: What did the female corn dog say as the male corn dog got into bed with her?
A: Did you put on a condiment?


Hahahahahah grey, I never expected this from you!!

Is this hot enough for ya?

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Eueww. Really? Eueww.

Of course I should have expected this in a thread that began with rubber corn dogs.

No, I have never made mustard…perhaps I should give it a shot, considering I have a 10 year old pack of mustard powder.

Having said that I am firmly a ketchup on corndog guy!

How about Siracha? Lately I am discovering that if it is good, it can mostly be improved with Siracha.

Haha who the hell makes Sriracha…certainly not this guy! Sriracha on corndog sounds interesting! I’ll have to give it a try. :smiley: