Sondiko 901 Butane Torch

Is there a fuel level indicator somewhere on this device. Is there any way to determine the fuel level?

I looked at this brand on Amazon and from the photos and description, I don’t think there’s any indication on the torch itself. The brand I use does not have one, either.

So what I do to have an idea is, I weigh just before filling when it’s empty, and then again after filling to max. Now I know the difference between full, half-full, and almost empty.

Sorry, but that’s the best I’ve got for these brands that don’t have a window or other indicator.

FWIW, butane weighs about 0.6 g/ml so the difference between empty and full on yours (and mine, as well, both 175 ml tanks) should be about 100 grams.

My solution is: When the cannister is empty, install a spare. Repeat.

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Put it in the fridge. Let it get nice and cold. Take it out and set it on the counter. Let it sit on the counter for a few minutes. Feel it when the upper portion of the cylinder approaches room temperature but the bottom is still cool. Wipe the condensation from it. The upper limit of condensation that reforms on it will show the level of fuel inside. If you live in a really dry environment, this probably won’t work well.

There are adhesive strips that show the gas level, too.

Yeah, but I’m pretty sure they’re intended to be permanent additions to your refillable propane tank. They’d likely do the trick, but are a little overkill.

No installation here (refillable rather than installing cannisters), but yeah that’s what I do. Refill as necessary.

@ricepad - I think this works with some but not mine and I don’t think with OP’s. My refillable tank doesn’t seem to be in contact with the sidewalls of the “grip” portion.

Anyway, like Kaleo says - when it runs out, refill it. If I’m taking it to someone else’s house to finish the food (whatever it is), then I top it off begore I go, just in case.

Well, if you do as CCE does and refills, the peel-n-stick fill gauges can be permanent. What you’d need to do is buy an adapter that lets you refill the small cannisters.

The reason I’ve not done that–and don’t fret over running out–is that I always keep a couple spare, full cannisters around. IME, the pressure and flame don’t drop much until the very end of the line. I seem to be able to find the squat 1-pound cannisters in 2-packs for about $10 on sale. They last a long time for me.