Somewhat Stupid Question on shrimp parm

I am going to make a shrimp parm for the SuperBowl. It has become a conversation between me and others as the the correct way to layer this or any other baked parm. Should the mozzeralla be atop the shrimp, (chicken, veal, et al), and then sauced or should the sauce be atop the shrimp and the muzz on top of everything. Told you going in it was stupid but now you read to the end, and what do you think?

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My personal belief is that the cheese goes on the meat but under the sauce. Helps keep the meat (usually fried) crispier IMHO.


I’m in total agreement with Thimes, however most restaurants do shrimp, sauce, cheese, sauce.


This. I do chicken, sauce, cheese, sauce as well.

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I always end up lifting up the cheese and scraping off the breading underneath when it’s prepared that way because it gets mushy … apparently this doesn’t bother everyone :wink:

Pasta under sauce under cheese. Bake. Bake or sautee breaded chix or whatever separately, then place it atop the baked casserole and drizzle with more sauce just before serving.

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Cheese on top so it browns under the broiler is my preference. But I wouldn’t turn down shrimp parm no matter what order you stack everything.

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