Sometimes these lists are awesome - world's best sandwiches

I usually find myself clicking on these links and then regretting the five minutes I spent reading it. Not this time. The pics alone are worth the click.

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Thanks for this. I love sandwiches so this is a joy.

I will say I think they’re overselling the toastie (which in its typical form is far less spectacular than what’s pictured) although I do think that they are nice.

I have no idea what that green stuff is doing on the bagel + lox. Cream cheese, onion, capers, and tomato, sure, but anything else and one is getting silly.

Missing (imho):
Doubles (which I’ll call sandwiches even though I could see someone complain)
A patty on coco bread (definitely a sandwich)
Vada pav

I mean, no need for a fight. There’s room in my heart for all the sandwiches (although because I no longer eat pork, some I can only nod at now).


I take issue with the article describing a sausage roll as a sandwich. It clearly isnt. The sausage meat is wrapped in pastry, so is closer to a pie than a sandwich.

The article is fucking with my cultural heritage. Next, they’ll be saying shepherds pie can be made with beef.


No hamburger from American expats?

That seems like a pretty serious omission.

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I didn’t see a chivito or cubano on the list.

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Beef is what most Canadians expect inside Shepherd’s Pie and the Quebec equivalent Pâté Chinois.
The majority of Canadians, esp non-foodie Canadians, typically dislike lamb or find it somewhat exotic, leading to surprise when they visit the UK for the 1st or 2nd time and receive an order of lamb Shepherd’s Pie. Cottage Pie isn’t part of the Cdn food vocabulary.

Even the frozen Shepherd’s Pie in Canada is made with beef, unless there’s a label saying it’s made with lamb.


I scrolled through to see if some of my less frequently seen favorites were on the list.

Hot Turkey


Casse crĂ´ute / Tunisian tuna sandwich

Breakfast sandwich

Bacon butty

Beyond the Lox and Shmear, the Chub Chub, smoked salmon, dilled cukes & whitefish salad on a bagel!

A Jamaican patty sandwiched in coco bread

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Ooh, casse-croute (and pan bagnat). Forgot about them.
(And I’m also a big fan of whitefish salad.)

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What what? No grinder/hero/submarine/hoagie? THE US sandwich. The best version, of course, is the grinder, if you are from the right parts of New England.


Not a huge sandwich person, but did see a few I enjoy in the list. Like @Harters’ reaction, a Chinese jianbing is not a sandwich. It’s an egg crepe like wrap.

Can’t tell if this list represents a ranking, but was surprised Schwartz’s was the first on the list. I get I’m in the minority in this view, but it was very meh for me. Not a pastrami fan either, so I should have known better. Glad I tried it, but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.


I’ve been to Montreal over 30 times. One sandwich at Schwartz’s, and one or 2 visits to Reuben’s was plenty for me.

I also don’t seek out corned beef or pastrami. I’ve been to NYC over 20 times and I’ve never eaten at Katz’s. I get blintzes at Sarge’s.

Here’s a sandwich list focused on Montreal.


The bap on list makes me think of my time living in London after college. I worked at one of the fashion jewelry counters at Harrods. At lunch, I would sometimes buy a roll used for baps (I believe just called a bap) from the food hall and an avocado, if I could find a ripe enough one. Then I’d go up to the employee cafeteria (fun fact - it had an automat style sandwich dispenser) and get a bowl of soup (usually the cream of swede), which I had with the avocado smeared bap. Good times!


Roll names are very regional here.

I’m in barm(cake) territory but I used to work, 10 miles away, where the same thing is a cob.


At least you got a wrap – they didn’t even bother to put a Frankie / Kathi roll on, just went with “Paratha.”

By extension of which Pita and Naan are “sandwiches” too :rofl:


Folks should realize that casse-croute is not the name of a sandwich. It’s the generic term in French for any snack, usually portable. Even then… aren’t all snacks portable?


Casse-croûte is the word for snack or snack bar in Quebec and prob other parts of the Francophonie.

The casse-croûte sandwich I mention is a specific dish in Morocca, Tunisia and other parts of North Africa

I’m talking about the Tunisian tuna and egg casse-croûte

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The Philly cheese steak in this list is the mascot for all its long-bunned cousins. Chicago’s Italian beef sandwich, currently in vogue due to Hulu’s “The Bear”, must have its snout out of joint, along with New England’s various styles of lobster roll.

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Yeah, I have to agree.

By those standards an egg roll would be a “sandwich”

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This list is worthless.

Where is the king of all sandwiches? The ICE CREAM SANDWICH


Used to enjoy these in the Catskills.

Ez to make at home. Pretty decadent.