Something fishy is now 2nd Jetty. Sea bright

So after getting shut down at 3:20 I went back at 9:15 and was told they stop serving at 9

Come on…it’s the beach and summertime. ::roll_eyes:


Well I finally got round two of the bluefin poke. Third time is a charm right? It didn’t disappoint. This place is firing on all 8 cylinders! Poke was again delicious. The coconut shrimp ceviche was very unique. You got some sweetness, typical lemon bitterness and coconut flavor (the pineapple pieces most likely made it sweet.) Creative and tasty…coconut, a first for me in the ceviche world. The coconut didnt overpower it which was nice. 16.00

The “traditional Caribbean plate” was made with the fish of the day, corvina. This was a very interesting dish for 27.00

The cook nailed it on temp. Nice char on the outside and moist on the inside…perfect juicy white fish. You can see the salad on the right, rice and beans topped with corvina (which was topped with picked red onion,) sweet plantains on the left and you can make out some of the grilled pineapple on the left too. What you cant see is the other pineapple and a large pile of beans behind the rice. Very nice dish.

This spot is on right now. I almost want to go back again later but the waitress will think I’m a weirdo as I had her both on my last two visits in 3 days.


So were are sitting today having lunch and this lady decides to pull up to the ONLY entrance and park like this…

Yes she was old but seemed to be with it. On the way out I wanted to pull a dukes of hazard! There has been no photoshopping here :smile:


Trama’s at One Willow needs to poach this chef!

I’ll be honest, I’ve had great to mediocre meals there over the years. The last 4 different dishes have been very good to great. I think they are in stride right now or I just picked 4 winners by chance. The Caribbean plate might look disorganized but that’s how they roll down in the tropics. Things mix together. It would have been cool to have a side of some type of sauce to pour over the rice.

I’ve been to one willow once. Maybe during the fall I will try it again if they have some new happy hour apps.

Yes, I’m hoping to hit One Willow’s happy hour to try their oysters, but it ends at 6 and it’s Mon-Thurs only. Other oyster happy hours in the area are much more accessible.

Finally made it to 2nd Jetty. Nice outdoor setup with good spacing between tables. If my neurotic wife felt at ease the entire meal, they are doing things right. I haven’t read through this thread and don’t know if anyone commented, but its a tough parking lot both to turn into heading North on Ocean Ave, and tough to park in during the dinner rush. Very laid back atmosphere and perhaps a little too laid back at its price point ($200 with tip for a BYOB). By way of example, they have a 90 minute table limit and we exceeded that by about 20 minutes, but not in any way due to our lingering, but due to long gaps between being seated and having waitstaff arrive, then a long wait to put in order, etc. All that out of the way, the meal was really, really good. Started with a dozen perfectly shucked Cape Cod oysters and the button clams with chorizo in a garlic wine sauce. We both ordered specials of seafood fra diavolo (came with a load of seafood, including a full lobster) and grouper stuffed with crab meat. Shared a banana bread pudding for dessert. One note - there are a bunch of fish of the day specials on the appetizer and entree menus. On our visit, all of the specials were swordfish. If you don’t love that day’s fish, seems like you’re out of luck. Looking forward to a return visit.


They get their fish from Lusty which is advertising fresh local swordfish (and halibut) for $17.99.

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Having read this thread, I have to say it’s not another Keyport Fishery. :relieved:

Normally these guys shut down around now and spend the winter someplace warm surfing, but the surfing kitty is a little thinner this year, which is great for us as they’ll be opened longer. Selfish? Yes, but how can you not be when they are churning out seafood perfection like this seared tuna over truffle infused beet purée paired nicely with a bottle of Hard Six Cellars 2017 Seated Cloud Sauvignon Blanc? You feel healthier when you eat there.


This looks incredibly delicious. ! They are so innovative, always fresh, delicious and not to mention super rad :ocean:


This place is local for me, and it’s simply terrific. Creative seafood done very well.
Service is spot on. Atmosphere is casual, beachy and simple.
The Coco Loco Mussels are to die for, as is the Corvina. I order it almost every time I visit. Linguini and the freshest clams. The clam processing is done just behind the restaurant! It’s also a bring your own, so the cost remains reasonable.

You absolutely have to try this place!


I agree Tom… the food and service is ALWAYS outstanding !

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