Somebody Feed Phil

Wow. :pensive: I wonder how often husbands and wives die within a few years of each other. My mom and dad did, but decades ago.

Looking it up, of course. Phil and I grew up in Queens around the same time!


I love this show. The Jokes for Max are fun. They remind me of the jokes at the end of the British show The Vicar which I also loved.

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Sorry - incomplete title. It was The Vicar of Dibley. “No, no, no, no, yes.”

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I love this show so much. Savoring the new season in small installments right now, rather than a big binge. It is a welcome entertainment distraction!


Maybe this will be the year.

Season 6, Oct. 18th

We did it! We got there.



You remembered! Yes, life is better now. I’m glad you got there.

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I went to Dishoom too!

I first ate at the original Dishoom…many years ago now. They sure expanded a lot since then. I’m glad you enjoyed it. We might get to Amsterdam next month. What was your favourite meal there? We haven’t eaten there in a long time…things change.

He’s apparently filming an episode in Philly, and was spotted at Kalaya, a great Thai place. Can’t wait to see that one, as Philly is near & dear to me as a food destination :slight_smile:

I’d say the Indonesian was the most interesting.

Thanks. Yes, those restaurants are wonderful and unusual for most of us.