Some Christians Are Extremely Unhappy About Starbucks' New Holiday Cups

Hahahahahahahahaha. Best post of the day.

Turns out… there weren’t.

The entire thing was invented by a guy named Josh Feuerstein who has a history of creating hoax controversies, generating publicity, and then cashing in on it with his videos. He’s a troll who’s profiting by pretending that Christians are in an uproar.

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Plenty of xtians fell for it, tho. Even Orange Dump called for a boycott.

Never underestimate people’s stupidity and their willingness to be outraged.


You people crack me up… lol btw, it needed two periods to make a point.

I like this one, from Friendly Atheist’s FB page: :


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Now, I know Christians are protectors of polar bear.

bumping this because 2 years later, apparently there are still people with too much time on their hands.

starbucks holiday cups 2017

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Can this be any less annoying? People complaining about the smallest possible things when in fact they have everything going for them for so long. I have no love for Starbuck, but honestly, it must be annoying as hell to be put on the “design the holiday cup” team.

It’s true. I drank some Starbucks in the new cup the other day and am now a full fledged lesbian.


I wish Starbuck will make a new cup for you, so you will get a dog instead of a cat.

Instead of falling on their knees and thanking their God that they can afford a $7 caffeine milkshake while people die of starvation and for want of drinkable water.

People suck.


Well said!!!

But that is exactly what they are doing (in their mind). They are defending their God by attacking Starbuck.

Intolerance by some people of faith knows no national borders:

We’ve been discussing it on the UK board on this thread (scroll down a fair way to pick it up)

It’s not the cup that determines that it’s the contents of the cup, you have to order a Mocha-Pup-A-Chino and you will become a dog person.

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A funny thing happened on my trip to Aruba this year. (I just returned yesterday). Aruba a mostly Christian island has a few Starbucks which my wife is addicted to so we made several trips. Their cups there were 100% Christmas, no symbolism of Hanukkah or any other religion. VERY Christmasy which kind of confuses me. I guess it could be looked at as playing to your audience, which is fine, actually smart business. However it is my understanding that Starbucks has stood by it’s cups in the past stating it’s commitment to diversity etc. If that’s the case then why would they sell out their diversity message depending on where their market is?

Just out of curiosity do we have many mid-western Starbuck’s coffee drinkers on here? Or even better yet any bible belt Starbucks drinkers here? I would like to know if Starbucks cups vary regionally, specifically East Coast & West Coast vs. middle America.

What are your thoughts? Using different cups per nation or geography smart business or pandering?

The design of holiday cups in France.

The design of 2017.

I don’t have particular religious belief nor corporate admiration. I’m amazed of all the controversy…and especially commentaries in politics. After all, it is just a marketing initiative trying to sell more coffee.

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