Some Christians Are Extremely Unhappy About Starbucks' New Holiday Cups

and some people have too much time on their hands…

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I’m not sure if I could have conceived a more clever parody with a team of writers, a trunk full of weed, and a case of rye. And this assininity is for real!


Aaand this year’s War On Xmas has officially begun :smiley:

Too funny.

I have no religious faith so am often unsure what may or may not make someone who has happy or unhappy.

With this story, I am, however, at a loss to know what “snowflakes, ornaments and nature scenes” contribute to a representation of religious faith. Surely, the representation of snowflakes reflects much more recent traditions in climates far to the north of where Jesus originated. And wouldnt ornaments and nature scenes be more representative of a tradition much older than Christianity, where natural materials decorated the home. Things like the Yule log certainly belong to the North European pagan tradition as do holly, ivy and mistletoe.

Then, to keep us on-topic, there’s all that December feasting for the Roman god Saturn.


There are plenty of Christian sects that don’t celebrate Christmas at all for just that reason - the various Adventist churches, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of God people, etc.

Snowflakes for Jesus! Too funny.

Not so funny - that one guy who insisted his name was Merry Christmas so the barista would have to write it on the cup - all the while he was packing a gun! WWJD?


Just shared on FB. Good grief.

This is hilarious on so many levels, including, but not limited to

  1. It is very unlikely that Jesus born in December, and
  2. snow in Bethlehem is rare.
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Rare but not unheard of. But still :slight_smile:

I pity those whose life is so utterly devoid of anything resembling, oh, LIFE that they can manage to get their knickers in a knot over a plain red cup.

They’d be plenty pissed off at parties at my house – I usually serve beverages in plain red plastic cups.

And the absence of snowflakes on the cups denies the presence of snowflakes on the cups. That is all.


F’n (is this still allowed?) Starbucks??? What next, there’s no Santa? Geeze…

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I must have got that one wrong about snow flakes on my test .

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Amazing that so many people have so much time on their hands to get their knickers in a twist over such mishegas (as some of us non-Xmas celebrators would say).


She hasnt heard "Jesus this coffee sux, I hope there is sugar in the glove box.


The Oatmeal’s take on the story:


Oh, Lord (Lono, that is).

Happily, it’s only a very small group of very loud and very ignorant people who have lousy life goals and poor priorities who are making all this noise about the lack of…er… snowflakes on coffee cups. But sometimes extremely loud people get a lot of attention, especially when they’re saying things this dumb.

Starbucks still offers a Christmas Blend as well as an identical secular Holiday Blend all through the season.

Wait! Fox News and the wall Street Journal are in on this, too?


Actually, there appears to be just one assclown behind the whole ‘outrage’ - see link below:

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From the article;

“Yet he is not above e-begging his duped followers to raise money for a $20,000 camera that he claimed he absolutely had to have to make YouTube videos. His followers, unable to think of anything better to donate to, gladly gave him the money”

My conclusion…My New Years Resolution is I need followers. I honestly said a few years ago I think I could be a cult leader, I have to get started on that, time is running out. NotJunior-Town 2016 !!!

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They apparently develop more crucial meaning when people conclude that someone is trying to take them away. Pretty much like guns here in the US.