So long HOs.

I’ve been de-welcomed for posting a cannibalism article.

See ya’ in the funnypapers.

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I urge the mods to reconsider as he is on of the most valued and respected members of our happy little Houston group, Texas if you must include the infrequent posters in the rest of the state.

I suggest a moderate suspension.

You have been respected for years. I’d hate to see you leave for one bad taste thread.


I’m obviously not your moderator but could you explain what exactly de-welcomed means? What has happened?


I hope they do reconsider, because this will end the Texas forum, I’m sure. It’s a tiny group anyway. Very disappointed in this action, unless you were actually advocating cannibalism which I doubt, but perhaps those unfamiliar with your sense of humor have jumped pretty dam far to the wrong conclusion.

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Throw us a life ring junior, call the Coast Guard, use any influence you have, a board is in danger of drowning.

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Someone call 911. The local constabulary is not helping. :rage:

Well I posted for a reason, I’m more than happy to try and participate in any problem resolution however first I must understand the problem.

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Understood, thank-you.

Whatever the post was, it’s deleted now.

You are welcome, care to fill me in?

I wish I could but I’m not sure as to what happened but having broken bread with him several times I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be harmful.

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Well I am not the moderator of this board, nor do I know who is off the top of my head. As stated I’m more than happy to try and resolve any problems or disputes so with that said if anyone cares to reach out please do. I know the commitment this site has to its membership and my door is always open for those who want to discuss, vent or debate and number of subjects.

I have nothing else of value to add at this time. Peace.

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I don’t know the circumstances that led you to say that you’ve been de-welcomed. As far as I can see, all your posting rights are intact, so you are welcomed. I can see your frustration. And if you have a disagreement with a moderator, and you haven’t talked to the moderator, I strongly encourage you to first have a dialogue with the moderator, since we are all just run the site as volunteers, i.e. just normal human beings. There is no reason why you can’t have that dialogue. Its very possible that you may still disagree afterwards, and I can understand. But its not the same as saying you are de-welcomed.



instead of storming off I wish you had made your displeasure known in Site Talk so we could read about it. Please consider posting the same thing you did before it was taken down and also your “complaint” (?) in Site Talk.

To learn and to keep things pleasant around here we need better communication. Deleting posts is not the way. How can we learn and be better if we don’t talk and find solutions, even if the topics are sometimes contentious?

I didn’t know it’s up to one mod to decide what is allowed to post or not based solely on their own “morals” and “values”! If it is then I do not agree. Let the members decide.

  • We need to discuss moderation
  • Doob, come back and post that thing again so we can read about it.

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PS: btw, you may vote for both.

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To be transparent about the dispute, here is the thread posted by DoobieWah and deleted by one of the mods after some short messages between DW and that mod:

id: 13783
created_at: 2018-06-12 22:37:55 UTC
user: DoobieWah (Doo B. Wah)
title: Do NOT Open This Thread!
raw: Alright, so now we know you cannot follow directions.

I thought about putting this in the ingredients and recipes board, but decided putting it here would perhaps absolve me of just a little bit of guilt as the innocent might be less likely to stumble upon it by accident.

I beg of you, seriously, I BEG of you not to click this link. If you do, you will be sorry. It’s not something that is easily forgettable and clicking the link is totally at your own risk.

Can’t help yourself? Just have to see?

Fine. You’ve been warned.

Last chance - Don’t do it!


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Does Tempest in a Teapot apply here?

Why yes, I believe it does. Unless if course it’s a mountain made from mole hill.
:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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I take that back, DoobieWah, I understand how you feel, I really do, and I hope you don’t leave over a moderator, but the decision is ultimately yours.

But yes, I’d like to see a part of the forum dedicated to absolving moderation problems. I like to see transparent moderation and, most importantly, I’d like to see moderators getting called out for being jerks. That would truly be unique in the forum world.

But as for this case, I have no opinion, I can only say I hope DoobieWah lets it go and continues posting again.


To all,

First please do not take anything I"m going to say as any “official” statement, I have removed my moderator hat and am strictly speaking as a member of the community which I am truly proud to be a member of.

I think the best thing we can all do collectively is take a big step back, take a collective deep breath and try to look at this form a broader perspective. Now that I have had the oppportunity to see the deleted post, read the associated link (which truthfully nauseates me) it’s very clear to see there is no good or bad response to a situation like this.

Honestly if you read the post as written it has a humorous twist about it, I didn’t take it as a sincere “If you have a weak stomach please do not read” it was more playful tone like: “C’mon you know you want to see”…which in all honesty, NO I do not want to see that. It think there could have been more tact in the structure of the post and link, the way it was posted was literally baiting people into clicking onto a truly disturbing and taboo topic.

With all that said, I was SHOCKED to read:

" The United States doesn’t have a federal law banning cannibalism. Idaho is the only state in which the simple act of eating human flesh can land you in prison."

I truly can’t believe there are no laws in the US regarding cannibalism being illegal, i’m SHOCKED. So from that perspective regardless how disgusting I find the topic, I guess the argument could be made for keeping the post up.

Regardless of what side of the argument you find yourself on, this is a VERY unique situation about a VERY taboo topic. I fail to see any possible way how removing this topic can be construed as a “de-welcome” by anyone. .

So with all that being said, I would implore @DoobieWah to reconsider their position. I would also ask anyone reading this to cut the site, mods etc. some slack, this is a very unique situation and I find it hard pressed to support an argument that anyone’s "free speech’ etc. is being violated

The most important thing from my perspective is we are able to have this very dialog. People asked to see the post and it was provided. People wanted an ear to listen to them, they have several. If it’s decided a mistake was made or not, NOTHING was done with malice on anyone’s behalf.

So I hope with our collectives step back, the deep cleansing breath…we can continue to have our dialog about the thing(s) we love most…FOOD. I also hope you can see we are just a bunch of like minded individuals volunteering our time energy and efforts at providing a welcoming community for everyone with all their varied tastes. Sometimes we might get it right, sometimes we might get it wrong some leniency with your judgments of us would be greatly appreciated. (ok maybe I put my mod hat back on for that last part)

  Be well everyone.