So let's talk - What is your favorite cake and where do you get it? (Westchester, CT and LI)

I was thinking today about chocolate… well, not just today. And I was thinking - what is my favorite cake dessert, and I have a few. I love a good chocolate 7 layer cake if it has that light, creamy chocolate between thin layers - but I can’t find it! I do love a good opera cake. Layers of cake with coffee cream - I’m actually a sucker for thin small, thin layered cakes with cream between the layers, especially coffee flavored. La Tulipe in Mt Kisco makes a very good one with almond cake soaked in coffee and coffee buttercream.

So, what is your favorite and where do you get it?

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Used to take it for granted- the frozen chocolate ganache cake at TJ’s- but they no longer carry it. The two “fresh” chocolate cakes are pretty good (not sensational).The baked goods at Citarella certainly look very good (I’ve sampled some and they seem to be). PPL. seem to love LULU’s- me not so much, same for Martines. Balducci’s can’t get past their pricing- so their you have it- lots of where not to find a cake - sorry.Also, saw some questioning as to whether La Tulipe was still there- I did not find out, did anyone?

My favorite cakes are:

  • My Hungarian grandmother’s Dobos Torte which is no longer available since she’s up in the big kitchen in the sky, and I’m not a skilled enough baker to make it,

  • Boston Cream Pie which is almost impossible to find here in the SF Bay Area, and

  • Princess Cake which is fortunately very easy to find.

Now I want some cake!

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Hands down, Lloyds carrot cake. I would prefer if the icing was a tad less sweet, but it’s not enough to knock it out of first place for me. Bonus points for its very reasonable price!

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That was me and I think they are. Must have been summer break and coincidentally a for sale sign for next door.

Gwenn-Another thumbs up for LLoyds carrot cake - not chocolate,but one of the best cakes around, and their pricing is still very reasonable (by todays standards). Chowdom- I see You “spring” for the nuts and raisins - so do I. They also make a red velvet,never tried it and not a fan of them in general.

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Skip the red velvet

Where is Lloyd’s?


Broadway, Riverdale across the street from Van Cortland Park sports fields
EDIT… looks like they added a location

Oy… please delete, how did I miss “Westchester”… oh well it’s very close to Yonkers FWIW

It’s fine. You didn’t miss it - it wasn’t there.

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I’m definitely curious to see the responses here. Though I love dessert, bakery cake is definitely not my favorite dessert although I love a good homemade cake. I find most bakeries’ buttercream to be too sweet and buttery. Bakery whipped cream frosting turns me off too. Interested to see what other recommendations you all have!

My most recent cake I enjoyed in Westchester-- made to order ice cream cake from Blue Pig!

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At least You were close with Your answer,if you look,the librarian responded FROM San Francisco. Librarian-you’re welcome here also.


I’ve never been to Lloyd’s but have been wanting to go for a while. I love carrot cake ( especially the cream cheese frosting). Have you been to Carrot Top in Washington heights? That’s a great carrot cake.

Gwenn, have you been to Jean Jacques?

I have not, but I’ve read about them

Not far from s&s cheesecake factory… One of my favorite cheesecakes! That counts as cake, right? :slight_smile:

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Where would I start a thread about carrot cake in general.
I don’t care about location of bakery because it is one of those things, a good one anyway, for me that would be worthy of a road trip or something I would seek out while traveling

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