Snow storm food. What's on your menu?

Let’s here it folks…I’ll report back but a sleeve of pork roll is sitting in my fridge.

We hit the grocery store and Restaurant Depot today to stock up (the Blauvelt, NY Restaurant Depot is almost in New Jersey!). I’ve got some sourdough bread rising overnight, and I’m planning to make a kielbasa and lentil dish with roasted fennel and butternut squash for dinner. Tomorrow is also pi day so there might be a pie of some type in our future as well - I have sour cherries and rhubarb from last season in the freezer. We also bought a case of wine and lots of half and half so the coffee can flow freely.


Nothing special, maybe a soup. I have some stock in the freezer and lots of beans.

Or probably I’ll just do the corned beef early.

Assuming power, fish with sour cream sauce for lunch, black beans and quinoa for dinner. With no power, peanut butter sandwiches and tuna fish are always good choices. :frowning:

I made my “Baked Tapioca Pudding”, and plan to make some clear stock tomorrow.

I have some chicken cutlets and some cool ranch doritos laying around. I hear good things about dorito fried chicken. Lol. Don’t laugh! Haha!

I love fried chicken and I love cool ranch doritos so I might see how this works out. What better time to experiment? :slight_smile: has anyone tried this?

I’m going to do some thai lemongrass and chili soup too.


So what time can I come over for dinner? :smile:

Sounds yummy! Let’s get some pics tomorrow folks! I need some inspiration.

I don’t want to make anyone jealous but …

I am about to tuck into a bowl of shredded wheat with almond milk.

Let the oohs and aahs commence. :grin:


Well, the case of wine will come in handy in case the power goes out!!!

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I’m making blueberry pancakes now and want to make some sort of hearty chicken stew thing for dinner.

Biscuits & gravy for breakfast. I had hamburgers out for dinner for last night but we got taken out to dinner by surprise so they’ll be for tonight. We went to the Asbury Festhalle & let me recommend the corned beef. Ryan the chef is corning it in house with short rib. VERY tasty. & the Bread Pudding with Stout Ice Cream & Caramel sauce was pretty good too.

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Looking out the window, scratching my ass with black coffee in hand as I went to the Ranger game last night, I see we dodged a bullet snow wise here at the shore.

Coming home last night, I see wifey supplemented some of the stocking for what portended to be a nearly 2 day event. Two pies from Luigis in Little Silver, and a 12 pack of Yeungies. Sorry, you can’t have her :-). I in fact, stopped in to the local 7-11 as I got into town at around 1am for some mini chocolate donuts since I knew we had no sweets in the house.

That aside, and it’s looking more and more as snow shoveling isn’t going to be a priority today, I’m going to continue with my making a chicken soup. Nothing extraordinary. And I do see some pork loin scallopine marinating (looks like she took my suggestion as we talked (me on the train) last night.

I’m just going to end this right here. We’re fortunate to be able to have these options, have a full fridge, etc regardless of the storm.

Hope everyone gets through it in good shape. Cheers.

Metro North is shutting down at noon so I was forced to take the day off! :cry::tired_face::wink: It looks like we’re not going to get nearly as much snow as they originally anticipated, but it has already turned to icy sleet over here, which is going to be even harder to remove.

Started the morning with cappuccino and I have a sour cherry buttermilk breakfast cake in the oven (a rare treat in this mostly low-carb household). Corvette_johnny, if you think you can get over the river, you’re welcome to join us! Pics to follow.

ETA: cake!

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We still have a fridge full of leftovers from out parade party on Sunday. Corned beef, Shepherd’s pie, cabbage, various desserts and some split pea soup I made the day before.
Of course plenty of booze. Stocked up on fire wood just in case so may light a fire soon.

don’t eat the cabbage before you light the fire…

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The storm was a bust here in Norwalk, CT. It’s been sleeting since daybreak after only 3-4 inches of snow. I’m dissapointed because there’s nothing more beautiful in nature than a blizzard, IMHO.
I’ve had a bottom round of beef cooking sous vide since Sunday morning. I’ll make some gravy and serve open faced hot roast beef sandwiches with a corn casserole, which is similar to a souffle but I don’t whip the egg whites, just add the whole eggs. I use frozen corn but is super good with fresh sweet corn cut from the cob. That’s what I call comfort food.

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nothing too crazy./…just had a delicious blueberry French toast casserole for lunch…will be eating that for a while…

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Breakfast: Omelette stuffed with a touch of tomato, cilantro, finely grated parmesan and a sprinkling of cayenne; toasted bagels; medley of crisped salamis (high fat salamis crisp up nicely, like bacon); coffee.

Lunch: Open face sandwiches with ham or liverwurst, mustard, etc.

Dinner: Have beef shin bones simmering with onions and carrots for stock. Half the stock will be used to cook black beans, the other half for braised short ribs. Will serve with caramelized cabbage, and broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic.

Also have some chicken cutlets in the fridge; if I have the motivation, might make parsleyed chicken cutlets as well (coarsely chopped flat parsley along with the breadcrumbs gives a nice fried parsley crust to the chicken).

What good is a storm if it does not offer an excuse to eat?

I started my day with a bowl of Go Lean Crunch and almond milk! Proof that we HOs really ARE fancy. :yum:

To be honest, I was a totally lazy bum; there’s probably enough food in my house to survive for 4-6 months, but on Saturday I ran out to make sure I had fresh vegetables, and on Sunday ended up at Sichuan Cottage w a group, so I have leftover lamb w cumin AND a full container of the Westlake Beef Chowder…that’s all I need!

Since I had to work a full day from home, cooking just wasn’t an option. SIGH…

Curlz have you had any of the hot pots at SC?

I drove to work today so my plans of feasting didn’t pan out :frowning: