Snow storm food. What's on your menu?


Well it was a mess but my office doesn’t close maybe ever, and i can’t get done what i need to from home so myself and several others did make it in.
The Starbucks across the street was closed (!), as were lots of other businesses- thankfully my favorite coffee shop had someone working so i could have my indulgent locally roasted coffee

I brought some of my leftover homemade chili for lunch and left “early” around 6pm. Epic pain in the slush to get home eventually via the only local stops subway.
A big bowl of miso soup of stuff with tofu, seaweed, shredded carrot, bok choy, scallions… wine a la carte, there’s hot tea and some fancy dark chocolate for dessert.


Lentil and sausage glamour shot. After all the shoveling, we deserved it. We ended up with about 14 inches, I think, but lots of drifts in the 3’ range.

(Roz Rappaport) #23

Last night, I made this pot of stuffed cabbage which we had for dinner this evening.

At Home: Bobe Bopsy's Holiptches

We started with vegetarian chopped liver.

Vegetarian Chopped Liver

Steamed potatoes are the perfect accompaniment for the stuffed cabbage.

At Home: Bobe Bopsy's Holiptchesd

The stuffed cabbage recipe is on my blog here.

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(Tom T) #24

Please explain :smiley:

(and I bookmarked the cabbage recipe)

(Gwenn) #25

Almost like grandma’s - the sweet and sour!

(David) #26

Vegetarian chopped liver is usually made with peas, eggs, and nuts. I always add extra onion and garlic to mine when I make it. Also, there are non ovo recipes as well if you don’t even want to eat eggs. Me, I use schmaltz when I make it so it’s just mock liver, not vegetarian.

(Tom T) #27

Interesting, add that to the knowledge bank.:+1:

I like mah chopped liver to have livers.

(Junior) #28

Pasta fagiole!

(Roz Rappaport) #29

My vegetarian chopped liver is made with French-style canned green beans, hard-boiled eggs, and fried onions (fried in peanut oil. I combine them the old-fashioned way – in a wooden chopping bowl and hand chopper – and chop until it resembles copped liver. I then add a bit more peanut oil to the mixture. I don’t know why, but it actually does have a flavor that resembles real chopped liver.

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What @tomt said!! For the record, my mom is veg but SHE STILL MAKES CHOPPED LIVER FOR ME. :blush:

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #31

Pasta fagioli must be one of those things with a bazillion variations–mine has no tomatoes, for example, and I was somewhat startled to see a red pasta fagioli.


Wow that’s risky, no? You could get burned. :slight_smile:


How do you get into restaurant depot? I don’t have credentials to get in I guess. I really just want to browse, but I’d probably buy a few things.

My friend used to own a store, still has credentials that he does. He said he’d get me in, so I may go back with him one day and take him up on that.


Restaurant Depot just requires that you have a business and an Employer ID number (EIN). The business doesn’t have to be food related. I am self employed as a musician and have an EIN for tax purposes, and that was just fine for membership.


I think it’s a different texture but the “faux gras” from david lebovitz is delicious, a mix of lentils and walnuts and such that makes a rich spread

(John) #36

You can be a sole proprietor & use your SS#. Just make up a business name - nobody checks.

(Ailsa Konzelman) #37

Ttrockwood turned me on to this version and it’s fantastic! I prefer it to the one made with green beans.

(Junior) #38

Just be careful of the Russians, they are behind everything these days.