snl is it really funny?

just watched the larry david opening. Not so much. this was boring and wondering what the writers where going forl

Since I really like Larry David I was hopeful and recorded the show. My wife watched a bit of the beginning and had similar opinions.

For years I stopped watching SNL since I found little humor in it. I guess as an old fart I still hang on to the hope it will be as funny as the early years

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Not as often as it used to be, no. It has some great moments, but it’s pretty slim pickings.

Only caught the tail end of the show, but this is all over the internets today - pretty great:

TBH, I’ve never found SNL to be funny, with some very rare exceptions.

Even in the 70s???

I’ve really not watched since the original gang all left, other than sometimes during the Eddie Murphy/Joe Piscopo era in the early 80s, and a little bit in the Dennis Miller/Dana Carvey late 80s time period. This is really an amazing timeline to see how many cast members there were.

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It’s better than it’s been for a few years – I’ve laughed out loud at a few things recently – but not sure they’ll ever live up to the magic created by the first Not Ready For Prime Time Players and their descendents through about the mid-80s.


Saw this post - went out to watch the monologue - thought he was very funny. Laughed out loud a few times during it.

Don’t watch the entire show very often though.

Yup, even then. With rare exceptions.


I have no words! :wink:

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guessing a significant amount of it might be that there’s a cultural element to much of SNL, as their focus is on cultural issues.

People not raised in that culture may not find it funny – and that’ okay – humor is one of the toughest things to translate.

I haven’t watched SNL since the original players left because I haven’t found it funny. The original was very funny and pushed the boundaries of humor, culture & media. Since then my feeling is that it has become a ‘product’ or a ‘brand’ & the creativity is (mostly) gone. I was watching a program about The National Lampoon the other day. I did not realize how much SNL came from the Lampoon. Interesting.


Eh. The basic problem with SNL is that their skits rarely ever have a pun, and many of their ensembles just don’t/didn’t know when/how to end. Improv at its worst sometimes.

I’m bi-humorous, and I think SNL has always been overrated.

I saw that Lampoon special. Good stuff

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then it’s just not your thing – through about the mid-80s, I never missed an episode, and some of the early stuff still make me laugh out loud…but in more recent years, there was a long dry spell when I didn’t watch because it just wasn’t funny.

Just out of curiousity – do you find Monty Python funny?

Yes. They’re in a different league entirely.

SNL had its share of talent, sure. The writing? Not so much.

I didn’t watch SNL, but I watched some of its clips. I like Larry David’s parody on Bernie Sanders. I find them very funny.

I’m with you, Linda. I did love the original show and then some in the early 80’s but that’s it.

Most of the talent were the creators of their signature characters and wrote that material, but not all skits they appeared in. So a lot of the weekly writing was by those same talents.

I loved SNL back in the 1970s, and also the show that followed it on another channel…Second City TV. SCTV is still my favorite ensemble comedy show.

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