snl is it really funny?

I don’t watch SNL, but I love these bits:

I watch SNL on youtube, not having a TV. Am old enough to remember the original crew & revisit those days sometimes. But seriously, Kate McKinnon? Brilliant! I think a lot of the new stuff is really good (and some of the old stuff isn’t actually as funny as I remember. . . just revisited Land Shark, a case in point). But humor is intensely personal, you either love a skit or you don’t.

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I remember my friends in High school loved it and I could never figure out why. Even now, it doesn’t really do much for me.

Rather than watching the whole show, I search the best skits on youtube and watch them.

My go to funny shows are “Who’s line is it anyway?” and Jimmy Fallon.

True, Kate McKinnon is pretty awesome, as is Leslie Jones.

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