Snap pea bounty - too many too many

They are all ripening simultaneously. Do you have ideas/recipes for how to preserve these guys? I have thoughts of pickling, but also possibly some type of cooking or preparation that would be amendable to freezing and taking out later. We can only eat so many right now, although I haven’t tried throwing them in the breakfast smoothies yet - probably because we have a busted blender.

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I don’t know if you like those “pea crisps” but there is a recipe how to make them on pinterest.

The only thing that I can think of that might be good from the freezer later is Fresh pea soup.

I’ve never like Risotto after it’s been frozen so I’m not sure pea risotto would be that great.

Bon Appetit had an homage to fresh sugar snaps this month and although their advice was to eat them raw, they also included the following recipe, which calls for frozen ones but I assume you could use fresh. It sounded interesting - raw cashews lend such a lovely, velvety texture to sauces and soups, although if you don’t have a blender this may not help you.

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We’ll give this a try - thanks for the link!

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