Snacks for Office Meetings

Being the official “company chef” at my job, I’ve been tasked with making some snacks for our upcoming annual Manager’s Meeting. A little background on this meeting…I fly in all of our managers from around the world and they sit in our conference room for 4 days and talk about the state of the company. They have a morning break around 10, most days they have working lunches, and a break at 2. By the time the 2 o’clock break rolls around, everyone is bored and exhausted. Most everyone will want something sweet and/or carb heavy during this break to sustain them for the next 3 hours.

Here’s what I’m thinking:
Cookies - M&M and Lemon Sugar cookies
Spicy Chex mix
Candied Pecans
Roasted Chickpeas
Fresh Dill dip with vegetables

First, I’m trying to make things easy on myself because I still have to work. Second, shelf life is key…I’d like to make everything on Sunday and have it last through the week. Third, variety…some healthy/some not so much.

Does anyone have any additional suggestions or thoughts on the current line-up?

I’d be happy to snack from that lineup!
Homemade granola and bought yogurt?
And for really easy, and still satisfying, how about even some bags of tortillas and a great jar of salsa?
And to make it really easy on yourself, a nice 9 x 13" cake or a pan of brownies?
DUH, your almond squares! Why wouldn’t you make those? Easy and a favorite with all who try them.

I agree with salsa and tortilla chips. LOVE the idea of the spicy Chex mix as well.

While you’d have to cut it the day of, what about cheese and crackers?

Trail mix (combination of dry roasted almonds, dry roasted and lightly salted peanuts, cashews, raisins and M&Ms) would give the sweet and savory. BJ’s Wholesale Club sells a good one under their Wellesley Farms brand.

Flavored popcorn would be easy to do ahead of time.


Oh my god! DUH is right! I’m an idiot lol. Ok so maybe scratch the sugar cookies and sub almond squares?

I like the chips and salsa idea too. This week I’m going to buy some granola bars, fruit and yogurt as well.

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I think that would a be a cool swap. Still can’t believe you forgot your family treasure there, HA HA!

They all look nice. About the candied pecans, make sure no one is allergic to nuts or they may feel being left-out. (if you may a lot of things, then it does not matter)

I think you will need the fresh dill dip with vegetables because it gives a fresher choice, and then maybe something filling in case people are hungry (so maybe cookie is a good choice).


“Most everyone will want something sweet and/or carb heavy during this break to sustain them for the next 3 hours.”

Protein and fat stabilize blood sugar far better than carbs and satisfy for much longer. A cheese/meat/veggie tray (with some crackers for those who want them,) would accomplish your goals better.


Ok, folks. The above menus has been approved by the director’s, however they would like to add some “breakfast-type items” on there. Mini quiche was a suggestion and I almost burst out laughing. I refuse to make 4 or 5 dozen mini quiche. Does anyone have other suggestions? I was thinking maybe mini frittata instead of quiche - those would be a helluva lot easier. Keep in mind that they will have fruit, granola bars, protein bars and yogurt already available to them.

Muffin-tin frittatas, yep.

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Yup, or make a strata, so you can just serve it in squares rather than worry about making little individual anythinGs. Then again, those mini quiche in a box (hi, Sam’s Club) are pretty damned tasty. :slight_smile:

I was thinking that too, however I’m on a budget. I have X amount allocated to food cost and the rest is my profit…are those really expensive?

Any additional ideas? I’ll need at least 1 more breakfast-y item.

You know, I haven’t bought 'em in ages, but I don’t remember them being too spendy. Specifically, these are the ones I used to have on hand all the time.

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You could make muffins, mini muffins or sometime of loaf like banana bread, carrot or zuchinni bread.

Just buy a bunch of McDonald Egg McMuffin.


Go to your room! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

:smiley: I actually have to click around to notice that you meant “Go to your room” for my McMuffin suggestion, and not my waffle suggestion. :smiley:

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Would you mind sharing your recipe for almond bars? It sounds as if they’re a real favorite. Thanks so much.

Here’s Kristin’s recipe. You’re gonna love these–everyone does! :smile_cat:

Thanks so much, katty. They look wonderful – and I can’t wait to make them (a little late to do it tonight!).

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