Smarties and candies

We need male and female smartie

Did you name yourself after the famous Smarties chocolate candy? )

Chocolate candy? BLASPHEMOUS!!! What kind of devil Smarties Candy are you trying to pawn here CK? There is only one true confectionery product; Behold the one and true Smarties !!!


My Smarties are better than your smarties (whatever those are).

Well my screen name was after my dog Smartie (who passed away a year ago) but she was named for Smarties. I’m a Brit so it was an appropriate name and she was a smart dog anyway.


:slight_smile: I am sorry about your doggie, but I am glad that she has a cool name.


Ha - your Smarties were first produced in 1949 our chocolate Smarties are the original and date from 1937. I think even M&M’s came after the original Smartie as they date from 1941.

I grew up in York (England) which was home to Rownntree’s who had their massive Smartie factory in town, the most popular kids at school had Mums (it was never Dads) who worked their and had access to large supplies of misshaped smarties. One of my good friends went on to be a Smartie polisher - a real job - where the nearly finished sweets were swirled with a beeswax mixture to give them a shine…I seem to remember the different colours were polished in different ways.


Back in the day, the future Mrs Harters had a college holiday job at Mr Kipling Cakes. It involved “touching up” those chocolate covered mini Swiss rolls - where the production machine had failed to fully drizzle chocolate over the ends. Mrs H had paint brush and jar of melted choccie for the touching up. The other job was to place bits of candied peel on top of what I think were called French Fancies.

Not the worst job in the world.

" getting your Smartie polished" still sounds filthy to me


Who knew there would be Smartie stories. Orange were the best ones, they actually tasted of orange.


This brings back memories!

When my youngest sister was born my brother and I couldn’t understand why we couldn’t name her. We had been able to name pets so it was very perplexing. We presented our parents with two names for the baby. One was Lucy since we loved I Love Lucy. The other was Bubbles because the baby blew enormous bubbles constantly. Oddly enough they decided to keep the chosen name of Diane…In hindsight I can see Bubbles could limit ones career options. But Lucy still rocks!


When I was about 12, my mother took part in market research about a new chocolate bar that was being launched. Every couple of weeks, a new version of the bar would arrive to be tested. Needless to say, I helped out.

It’s stood the test of time -


My experience working food oriented assembly lines is that one grows very sick of the sight of said food product, no matter how luscious it appears to the consumer.

I lived in a neighbourhood where there used to be a Cadbury’s chocolate factory. Not as obnoxious as some other industrial odours, but cloying in the summer heat.

However there is a coffee roaster not far from where I live now and the (more subtle) aroma just makes me want more coffee!

My hometown is also the hometown of Haribo gummy bears, so anyone leaving near the factory had to put up with a constant sweet smell in the air. Could be worse, I suppose…

A business partner of mine had an office directly across the street from the Baby Ruth factory in Chicago – the smell of chocolate and roasted peanuts was always in the air. When I asked, he told me that no, you never quite get used to it.

When I was in college, I had to drive past a local coffee mill and a local commercial bread bakery on my way to classes. Between roasting coffee and fresh-baked bread, it’s amazing I didn’t eat the steering wheel.

Yep! You could be living near a mushroom factory! That takes real stamina.

**living near the factory, not leaving. Tho I could see how one would want to leave after a while.

Would have made a good stage name…

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