Slot toaster vs toaster oven?

I use our Breville toaster oven for all kinds of things, and it’s great, but if I had the counter space I’d have a slot toaster too. A couple of slices of toast take around 4 minutes in the Breville. At our son’s house the same action takes maybe a minute in his slot toaster. More even toasting too.

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I think that was called “Jubilee” wax?? I had that job also----hahaha

Basically Croûton/Crostini :frowning_face:

Toast times “at a distance” vary a lot depending on the sugar level of the bread. My brand of English muffins in the big Breville do not brown appreciably before 7-8 minutes. For one split muffin, the setting has to be for FOUR slices at MAX browning (7/7).

I wouldn’t mind as much if it made decent toast–it doesn’t. It produces more rusk than toast.

One thing I like about the Breville is the bagel function, just not for bagels. I find that hamburger/kaiser rolls are better with just the inside faces toasted, and the rolls are thick enough, they don’t dry out in the Breville.

I have a good sized Hamilton Beach toaster oven that I use instead of my oven since empty nesting. Irreplaceable for the wife and me.

From enchiladas to chilaquiles, I use that bad boy. Has convection, too, like an air “fryer.” My 10 inch CI skillet fits in there. Perfect for finishing a steak. Can’t do all that in two slots.


Just to add something unique here……

Our son was gifted a Revolution InstaGlo two slice toaster. This thing is the Tesla of toasters. Large touch screen and a drop-in panini press module. We make toasted bagels and PBJs for his kids so the first thing I noticed was that it is incredibly fast. I thought it toasted pretty well but
a Google search found some pretty poor reviews on it. The only thing I’d call a ‘con’ is the price. It sells for $350 to $400 depending on where you find it. Ouch!!!

I am reading the specs of that Revolution InstaGlo toaster and it has settings for (wait for it) “34 different bread options, including gluten free”.

I have lived nearly half a century, and only now am I coming to the realization that gluten-free bread products actually require their own toaster setting. Who the fcuk knew. Not me, apparently.

I would buy this wonderful contraption now but it has no app or bluetooth functionality to sync with my smart home via Alexa or Siri.

What are we, still in the stone ages? While not clear, bet this thing actually requires you to physically push the bread into the slot.

#EpicFail obviously.


If it helps, you can just ‘drop’ the bread in. The panini press attachment does require some finesse. I too was surprised there was no Bluetooth involved.

Had our son actually paid for this thing I would have had some serious questions for him.

That whole W&S site for the toaster is like a SNL skit waiting to happen.

There’s actually a financing option for a … toaster!

But at least you get free shipping.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 3.38.07 PM


I think, like many things, you like what you grew up with. I never had seen, let alone used, a toaster oven until I met my husband in college. I was always happy with our toaster, but, when it died, I gave in to his choice of a toaster oven. It’s fine, but I still miss a “real” toaster. Not a big enough deal to get one, plus we have a small kitchen and try not to clutter it up.

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It has been said, but it bears repeating. A toaster oven, especially one like the Breville Smart oven, is terrific for many things, but for toast a toaster is IME the clear winner. It is not just that it is much faster. It is that the interior is not dry, but the exterior is crispy brown. I believe each deserves a place on the counter, more so than things like stand mixers, blenders, electric kettles, etc. Toast + coffee = a reason to get up each morning.


My dear Ipse…payments over time is the latest thing.

I saw a bra (not even a fancy one…a sports bra) that was advertised as bring available on payments.

I never understood the toaster oven. It’s so one sided.

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Totally. Great toast is getting to be a lost culinary art ritual. Lingering over a rack of toast and a French press, with or without toppings: different butters, honeys and jams, soft-boiled eggs, rillets, maybe a sly shot of brandy for the weekend mug.

Who anymore even has (or ever had) a toast rack?

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But at least with a bra, you’re, um, ahem, protecting the family jewels.

Toaster ovens? Not so much.

The point being that a $40 item shouldn’t be split into payments.

Some of the Brevilles are expensive enough I can at least see why one might.

I don’t like toast racks…while they admirably fight anybsogginess, they also ensure my toast is ice cold. Nope.

I have an InstaPot brand that is also a countertop oven and air fryer.

I was pretty skeptical as most multi Tasker appliances tens to do none of them well, but I’m well pleased with everything I’ve prepared in it.

After my traumatic experience with a toaster I use the countertop oven. I don’t toast much anyway so it covers my needs.

For sliced breads of any sort a wide mouth slot toaster is the way to go.

I bought a Toaster Oven-- “LUBY” 'cause our Oster one I have a love/hate thing with-- over 5 years now. The Oster’s control labels are hard to see & the temp control had a mind of its own-- refusing to do anything & then suddenly jumping ahead 10-20 degrees. Still it did a good job on everything but toast. The Luby had the HIGHEST rating on Amazon & the valid in-depth reviews sold me BUT I should paid more attention. The thing that sold me the most was it has French Doors. Even being extremely careful I still burn myself with the Oster a couple times a week.

However, the Luby does not have digital controls. Uses old school knobs (a plus for me!) – one for the top element & one for the bottom & one for the timer. It’s huge-- can certainly handle a 20 lb. turkey that is claimed by the maker. Also very well made. It’s slow to warm up & wife hated it. I didn’t hate it-- didn’t care for the timer control but wanted a faster unit. Used it only for a week & then I put the Oster back.

Then I ordered a 2 slot Bonsenkitchen Wide Slot Bread Toaster. We’re happy with it.

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