Slide shows? Thumbnails?

Is it possible to add the option of presenting pictures as thumbnails, or as part of a slide show? There are a lot of threads now on which people post collections of very large images, time-consuming to load and to scroll through. It would be great if these could be displayed more compactly.


Bumping this, as I haven’t had any responses, to note that this is what I mean:

It takes 12 “page downs” to get to the end of that post.

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Sorry to cause loading problem for you! :astonished::smile:

You can help to research if you have time, we use Discourse as forum software.

Hey, I figured if anyone was going to respond, it would be you! But I could’ve called out a few more posters. Not naming names.,yet! I’ll take a cruise through Discourse and see if I can figure this out.

Because I got the notification from you. :wink:

There is the diaporama for the moment but you can’t put captions and no thumbnails.

I emailed Discourse, in case they have anything planned that we could keep an eye out for. Barring that, we might consider setting a maximum image size.

The maximum size for display in the post is 700x525, click and you can see the original size.

Ok, a smaller maximum image size. Or a maximum number of images per post.

Tiles or thumbnails would be nice. I have had a look at gallery topics in Discourse help forums.

Testing grid gallery

Doesn’t work for me, but I think it’s either size limit or I’ve done something wrong. My original photos are still viewable if you click on them.

You need to upload the photos to HO, not use external links. Even you use external links as you are doing it now, the software will download the photos automatically here after you have posted 1 hour later.

TEST tiles

TEST diaporama

TEST tiles

This! This right here. Diaporama (which sounds like a baby supply store).

I try to use the slideshow button if I have more than a couple of pics, but I don’t think most people know about it because I don’t think the pics actually get scrolled through most of the time

The tile thing wasn’t working for me for a while

Since it’s often the same people, might a direct message be effective? Or perhaps mods could turn these posts into a slideshow?