Slate: Korean Fried Chicken—But Even More Addictive - Chicken Nuggets with Warm Kimchi-Bacon Ranch Dip


After experimenting with a few ways to make nuggets, I nailed down two tips for success. One: Since chicken breast is lean and can be notoriously dry and flavorless, the key is to bathe the chicken pieces overnight in a mix of mustard, pickle juice, and olive oil. This makes all the difference when it comes to tenderizing the meat. Two: Create a crust that makes the chicken taste just as good cold as it does hot. I took my mother’s light coating of rice flour and salt, but gave it my personal touch by adding rolled oats blitzed with a savory blend of spices. For a spicy coating, I add gochugaru (Korean hot pepper flakes) and cayenne.

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Did you try it? Was it any good?

haven’t tried it yet but it does sound interesting.

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