Skippy peanut butter discontinued in Canada’t-happy-about-it/ar-BBAKDcu?li=BBnb7Kw

Glad I don’t live in Canada!

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I read the linked article and I still don’t really understand why.

“due to competition and pricing that wasn’t profitable”
"for the brand to be able to continue to succeed "
and something about the meager population of Canada!!
Greed !!!

Yeah, I know - like I said I read the article. But what does that mean? What about the competition and pricing in Canada makes it so much less profitable than in other places?

Kraft pretty much has a hold on the market. I can find 1Kg jars of Kraft peanut butter on sale for $4 year-round. Kraft is also what a lot of us grew up with. I guess Hormel just didn’t like the numbers it was looking at. On the upside, Smuckers has started selling Jif in Canada. And I’m sure diehard fans will be able to order Skippy from Amazon.


Also, I don’t know if this is significant or not, but the company that owns the rights to the Planter’s brand in Canada has started selling peanut butter and their pricing is pretty aggressive. I think the MSRP is something like 4.50$ for a 1Kg jar.

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Thank you … I still think it’s rotten to take skippy away

No doubt about that.

Looks like Kraft owns Planter’s, so a monopoly by any other name still spells Skippy doom.
We have a peanut (and other) butter plant in town so I don’t have to go far.

Sorry … If I annoyed you with my response … not intended
I say greed!!!
They say bottom line!!!
Better explanation posted by others

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Planters products in Canada are made by Johnvince foods. They’re in the bulk nut and candy business and based on the South Shore of Montreal. They must have licensed the brand from Kraft. Unless Planters Canada is a separate entity. Like US and Canada A&W.

Edited to add: I should have checked Wikipedia before posting:

As far as i know we don’t even have Kraft pb here in the states…or maybe it’s sold under a different brand or label? The bears on the kraft canada pb are endearing so i know i would have remembered seeing them!

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I couldn’t find much

First Trump now this??? Where will the insanity end???

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Isn’t that stuff full of sugar?

Maybe. I don’t eat enough of it to worry about it.

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Some explain to me #10 MaraNatha Organic Peanut butter.

Servings: 1 tbsp
Calories: 95
Sugar: .5 grams
Type of Sugar: None
Full Ingredients List: 100% organic dry roasted peanuts, sea salt.

They have the highest sugar at 5 grams yest no actual sugar?

Point five grams. That teeny decimal point is really hard to see.

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