Skippy peanut butter discontinued in Canada

I was surprised to see that the “natural” skippy was worse than
the regular


Ohhhh lol ok that makes sense. I actually copy pasted from the article it’s easier to see in my post (now that you pointed it out) than in the original article.

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MaraNatha is my local company mentioned above. Cool. :slight_smile:
I wish I liked PB better.

I remember when Skippy used real peanut oil in their peanut butter. That ended 35-40 years ago. Now it tastes like every other mass produced brand.
When I’m lazy (usually) I buy Trader Joe’s pb (no sugar added), otherwise it’s easy to make your own and control the sugar and salt.

I was at IGA tonight, and got an urge for peanut butter. Since they were out of Kraft in the size I wanted, I decided to give Planters a try. If you haven’t been following this thread, Kraft and Planters are both made by Johnvince near Montreal. So it turns out Planters tastes exactly the same as Kraft. It’s like they’re putting the same stuff in different jars.


Jif is my favorite. Slightly sweeter and peanut-ier.