Site software updated. Please report any oddities.

We have some icon problems on the site today evening. So we’ve updated the site software. The site was down for about 30 minutes. We’ll be testing the new software. Meanwhile, if you notice anything odd/ off, please let us know. Thanks!

With the upgrade, the forum software needs to perform certain tasks in the background to keep things humming along. While its doing that, you may notice that the forum is slower than usual. Let’s see if it goes back to its normal speed in a day or two.

I don’t see the “Unread” category at the top of the page. I still see the count of “New,” but no “Unread” count.

The overall layout is in much smaller typeface. Is this intentional, to fit more info on each page?

I don’t see “Unread” or “New” at the top of the page.

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@gaffk, @harters You don’t have this on your screen?

Nope. I don’t have the “New” link anymore either.

This is how big it looks on my screen, which is similar to before. How does yours look now? did you zoom out in your browser?

On the iphone its fine. On the ipad its tinier type. I havent chgd any of my settings.

This is what I’m currently seeing.

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What browser are you using on the ipad? I just checked Firefox and Safari on the ipad and they both look the same as before. are you able to upload a picture of how it looks on your end?

If you are using Safari, to the left of the URL there is a font size icon. trying clicking on it and adjusting the font size there and see if it helps.

I’m seeing it as gaffk’s screenshot. Using Firefox on my PC.

I only use Safari. Earlier, my first time logging in after your software update, the type was tinier on every page. Now its fine.

I use both iphone and iPad throughout the day so when the ipad wasnt “normal” viewing size I figured the update was why. But all fine now. Thanks.

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Last night the site was acting very “wonky” with at one point 6 flags as well as missing icons on my phone. Today it seems to be fixed however I did receive an inquiry from @heidicooksandbakes who reported she cannot see or find the Not About Food thread. I sent her a link to it, but she claims it’s not on her page(s).

Those are fixed already.

Can see the link when she opens it? can she clarify what she meant by not able to see it? this is what I see:

I will have to wait for her to respond, to the best of my knowledge she couldn’t find the tab for it on the main page. I sent her a link to the thread and she said she could access it that way but not from her own page. (at least that’s how I understood her) I also took a screenshot of the thread on my page to show her incase it moved or something during the update. Again she will have to explain further, one thing I am not is particularly tech savvy.

I’m using Google Chrome. It’s weird, sometimes I see the “unread” link for a minute or two; never the “New” link

Me too.

I’ve just come back to the site and “Unread” was there, with the link to this thread. Now it’s gone again. Still no “New”

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Just come back again. There was a “New” with two new threads. I read them and went back to the home page and “New” had disappeared. It didnt used to do that, did it? This visit, there was now no “Unread”.

If you are able to, can you take a screen shot and put it here so I am try to duplicate this oddity?

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