Site software updated. Please report any oddities.

There’s now twice as much space between each line on the “latest” page. And the user pics (middle column) are on top of each other taking up 2 lines. If possible, please put it back like it was yesterday.

Here’s what the developers had to say about missing New or Unread buttons:

Could it be that you finished reading all the new and unread topics that the software is simply hiding the buttons?

Do you happen to have a screen shot on how the user pics are taking up two lines? I didn’t see any overlap here.

Possible. I’ll have to monitor it as the site becomes busier when North American contributors come online. This may not be today due to other committments.

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It returned to normal shortly after I posted.

The bigger avatars are nice.

Am I the only one who uses the Latest button?


Ok. this might be because some newly installed components were in conflict with each other. I did a cleanup today morning. So hopefully that’s what cleared things up.

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I think that’s it. I do see Unread or New when there are entries in those categories.

I think that’s it. I’ve now been in and out of the forum and back again and they do seem to disappear when I’ve finished reading the New/Unread posts, whereas before the buttons remained there even when there were no relevent posts.

EDIT: I’m not sure that is the full answer. I’ve just come back to the site again. There was no “New” button on the homepage - but I spotted a thread that actually was new.


When I came on the site today, the Not About Food category was back in place. I guess all the machinations with the update went through, and now I can see it again. Thanks for your help!

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