[Singapore] Soysauce Chicken Noodle War: Chiew Kee vs Chew Kee

One of the famous foodie sibling rivalry is the Chiew Kee (younger brother Yu) vs Chew Kee (older sister Mdm Yu) clash on who has the best soysauce chicken noodles on Upper Cross Street. Despite both siblings attesting that they reproduced their late father, Mr Yu Beng Chewโ€™s recipe, the food at the two eateries tasted very different. I was back at both places today for back-to-back meals.

  1. Chiew Kee at 32 Upper Cross Street - run by the younger brother of the warring siblings.

Chiew Keeโ€™s soysauce chicken on wantan noodles - slightly sweetish sauce. Not as greasy as I remembered it from the 1990s.

Sui kow dumpling - very meaty and crunchy (waterchestnut?) filling in a tasty soup.

  1. Chew Kee on 8 Upper Cross Street. Itโ€™s established in 1949 by the late Mr Yu Beng Chew. Itโ€™s now run by his daughter, Mdm Yu, whoโ€™s the elder sister to the younger Mr Yu, the proprietor of Chiew Kee.

Chew Keeโ€™s soysauce chicken on wantan noodles - slightly blander than Chiew Keeโ€™s. The chicken is chewier - like kampong chicken. Has sprigs of fresh coriander leaves as garnishing.

Sui kow - nice meaty filling with waterchestnut crunch, too. But soup is rather bland compared to Chiew Keeโ€™s.

Both places have their own set of loyal customers, so your pick very much depends on your taste preference.

So many of these sibling rivalries everywhere.

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