[Singapore] Brunch at Spruce, Old Bukit Timah Fire Station - CLOSING DOWN 27 DEC 2020

Built in 1956, the Old Fire Station at Upper Bukit Timah with its distinctive red doors has always been a landmark of sorts in the Upper Bukit Timah area. This is also where Spruce’s second outlet opened back in 2013. The social media-driven crowd and long queue are gone nowadays, but Spruce still offers that range of Modern-American brunch options for which it was known for ever since its inception at Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road (the original outlet has since been converted by its owners into Coyote, a fancy Tex-Mex casual dining spot).

We decided to have brunch here at the Old Fire Station last Sunday after hiking down from Bukit Timah Hill nearby.

What we had:

  1. Atomic Egg - Poached eggs, foie gras, lumpfish caviar, ciabatta, rocket leaves and dark sauce
    This was my favourite brunch item - a mish-mash of flavours and textures which did not quite gel together as well as we’d expected. But the foie gras & eggs were done perfectly, and I enjoyed the balsamic vinegar dressing quite a bit.

  2. Spruce British Brekkie - poached eggs, bacon, tomato, Nuremberg sausage, baked beans, mushrooms & focaccia toast I always love a good British fry-up, especially if the bacon & sausages were of good quality.

  3. Spruce Hot Wings - Homemade crispy wings served with homemade hot sauce Not a big fan of spicy chicken wings. These were no different.

  4. Banana Hotcake Stacker - with honeycomb butter & blueberry syrup with crispy crumble - Pretty good, but didn’t hold a candle to the amazing pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Company.

Overall, this is a good place to chill out if you’re in the neighbourhood, but I wouldn’t bother coming all the way here otherwise.

Spruce @ The Old Bukit Timah Fire Station
Upper Bukit Timah Road, #01-01
Singapore 588190
Tel: +65 6466 5582
Operating hours:
Mon-Wed 5.30pm-1am
Thu-Friday: 11.30am-1am
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9am-1am


The Baked Beans made me chuckle. Your photos evoke a very western vibe, in the room, and in the foods.

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The Atomic Egg concept reads like Benedict on steroids, and we’d probably scrape away the rocket to get the full effect?

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The British influence runs deep in this part of the world - even in an American-themed eatery!

Baked beans are indispensible in a British fry-up - this breakfast plate from Bel & Nev in Kensal Rise, London, for example:

Bel & Nev is actually only 50 feet away from Minkie’s, one of my regular spots in London for a cuppa:

Breakfast at Park Inn Radisson, Wales - I was there to watch BBC Cardiff’s Best Singer of the World contest finals, which brought together the best operatic singers in the world:

Hotel breakfast in Glasgow, Scotland, last summer. The Scots also love blood pudding (the black disc in the picture) for their breakfast plate:


Another one bites the dust.
Spruce closing Old Fire Station outlet on Dec. 27 to make way for redevelopment & NParks visitor centre (msn.com)