[Singapore, Bangkok] Dried fish for stock?

Hello folks: I will be in Singapore and Bangkok in Sept and just wonder what type(s) of dried fish I should purchase for stock. I love Japanese dashi’s umami but am likely allergic to the charcoal that is used to smoke the bonito. Therefore, I would like to know if there are good substitutes in Southeast Asia and where to buy them. All suggestions are welcome!

Thank you!

This is a pretty wide topic. There are so many types of fish. What do you like?

Dried smelt and dried anchovy are pretty popular

Dried cod is another one

I like dried flounder

Have fun.
(assuming you want to go outside of dried Bonito)

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Definitely ’ Dried flounder '…together with shrimp eggs, the heart and soul of a great Cantonese style won-ton noodle broth. Again, for best result, roast fish over open fire…not necessarily coal. Gas stove top would do!
Dried cod ( chopped into small pieces ) is great for making Peanut and pork bone rice congee!


Thank you. May I ask which types of these are closest to bonito?