Since it's Meatless Monday, let's share our favourite vegetarian dishes!


Do you participate in Meatless Mondays? I don’t necessarily as a rule because I cook meatless a fair amount already but I always appreciate new ideas. I’m placing this in the Home Cooking section vs. the Veg section because I think many of us whilst not vegetarian can appreciate meatless meals and as it’s MM today, let’s share.

I made this recipe (with some adaptations) recently and it was quite delicious. I will keep it in my rotation.

I’ve been meaning to get around to trying the Smitten Kitchen recipe for mushroom bourguignon that I’ve heard so much about Now that we’re heading into fall, it seems like the perfect time.

(Laura) #2

I try to do a vegetarian meal at least once a week. Last night I tried the mushroom marsala pasta bake from Smitten Kitchen and it was amazing. It’s the kind of vegetarian dish you can serve to even the most dedicated meat eaters and they would probably forget that it was vegetarian. 101 Cookbooks has a mushroom rice casserole that I’ve made a bunch of times as well (The last time I sauteed up some spinach to put in it). Here are links to my favorite veg recipes. (use homemade salsa or homemade enchilada sauce if time isn’t an issue) (I make this without the cheese to make it a gluten-free, vegan potluck dish)


I’ve been doing more meatless Monday’s lately, and fully extending it to all 3 meals. Lunch is a bit hard sometimes due to my work schedule while dinner is much easier. I’ve been buying veggie frittatas at the farmer’s market the past 2 weeks specifically for Monday dinner. I usually include veggies I’ve cooked over the weekend and anything else I can fit in. Last night I made pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes so that will be on the plate tonight. I’m alone at home, so complicated cooking (meaning, more time and effort, rather than keeping it simple) keeps me from being creative or adventurous.