Since it's Meatless Monday, let's share our favourite vegetarian dishes!

Do you participate in Meatless Mondays? I don’t necessarily as a rule because I cook meatless a fair amount already but I always appreciate new ideas. I’m placing this in the Home Cooking section vs. the Veg section because I think many of us whilst not vegetarian can appreciate meatless meals and as it’s MM today, let’s share.

I made this recipe (with some adaptations) recently and it was quite delicious. I will keep it in my rotation.

I’ve been meaning to get around to trying the Smitten Kitchen recipe for mushroom bourguignon that I’ve heard so much about Now that we’re heading into fall, it seems like the perfect time.


I try to do a vegetarian meal at least once a week. Last night I tried the mushroom marsala pasta bake from Smitten Kitchen and it was amazing. It’s the kind of vegetarian dish you can serve to even the most dedicated meat eaters and they would probably forget that it was vegetarian. 101 Cookbooks has a mushroom rice casserole that I’ve made a bunch of times as well (The last time I sauteed up some spinach to put in it). Here are links to my favorite veg recipes. (use homemade salsa or homemade enchilada sauce if time isn’t an issue) (I make this without the cheese to make it a gluten-free, vegan potluck dish)

I’ve been doing more meatless Monday’s lately, and fully extending it to all 3 meals. Lunch is a bit hard sometimes due to my work schedule while dinner is much easier. I’ve been buying veggie frittatas at the farmer’s market the past 2 weeks specifically for Monday dinner. I usually include veggies I’ve cooked over the weekend and anything else I can fit in. Last night I made pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes so that will be on the plate tonight. I’m alone at home, so complicated cooking (meaning, more time and effort, rather than keeping it simple) keeps me from being creative or adventurous.


I eat a piece of meat once a week and other days it’s seafood and meatless.

Breaded tempeh (not Schnitzel, which must have air pockets.)

Whole big piece of tempeh is first marinated in beetroot liquid, hence the redness between the tempeh and crust.

Fry some beaten eggs then arrange the tempeh on top. It’s done when eggs are cooked to one’s liking.

I will be posting many more photos to this thread. Please, FFS, don’t bring politics into it. :sweat_smile::hear_no_evil:


Are dairy products and eggs allowed? Many veggies consume cheese, milk, eggs etc.

I used one of these in the pasta, quite sharp and pungent, and all French.


Potato dumplings


Dumplings filled with Sauerkraut or potatoes.


Filled with quark





Roasted cauli




Meatless dinner. Corn frittata in the pan.


Hope to achieve similar habits like yours!

The mister is a meat lover and he doesn’t really like his fruits too. :weary: I have to finish all the fruits on my own. He gets his Vitamin C from greens and honey lemon water (I try to make him drink at least twice a week). At least we have been eating more fishes and lesser carbs in our dinners in the recent years. And yes, I’ve been losing couple of kilos past these years, pity it just does not work for the mister, especially with his crazy work schedule. :sweat_smile:


It’s not hard. Change your mindset and try a small step each time.

In our case, we can’t eat the same amounts we used to be able to. More worrisome is the partner being underweight, with only 5% total fat, and can’t eat so much.

Turkish cheese and beetroot button dumplings.


Same dumplings with grated salt-cured yolk.

My other personal favourite: Austrian dumplings with scrambled eggs.


Same dumplings, using beetroots.

And another type, also Austrian. There’s more to Austrian cuisine than Schnitzel and Strudel.



Thanks for resurrecting this thread @Presunto !

I don’t do meatless Mondays, but I’m trying to plan more plant-based meals in general vs defaulting to mainly meat/fish plus side of veg.

Re the original thread topic, I like beans as a meal component. Sometimes bean salads for lunch - with or without a whole grain. Sometimes as part of dinner - dal if indian food, or lentil soup of some other cuisine.

I do find it hard to do vegetarian meals that are entirely carb-free (I go low carb on and off).


I forgot that some have dietary restrictions. Tougher if that’s the case.

As mentioned above, I love carbs and have no dietary restrictions. Can only eat so much now. It comes with getting old.

I have always interpreted meatless Mondays as no animal protein. But of course, to each his own. Any little thing that we can do that improves the environment and our health is to be commended.

When we do meatless - which is not nec Mon but usually 2-3 times per week, I replace the protein or mouthfeel with eggs, tofu, beans, mushrooms. No recipes here, but pizza and pasta are great for veg options. Frittatas, quiches. Chili w/just beans, or w/soyrizo. Fried rice w/egg on top. B’fast for dinner. Big salads w/cheese and nuts or seeds and bread on the side. Marinated and slow baked tofu takes on any flavor and a very pleasing texture. But I can also crumble it as is into a thai coconut curry full of other veg, and don’t miss the meat.

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Agreed. We can’t eat as much as compared to when we were younger. Buffets are not for us anymore.

I do meatless at times when I’m cooking my own meals without the mister too. Mainly mushrooms, vegetables/beans and tofu. Probably more used to an Asian diet, we can’t omit carbs totally.

Not really restrictions on my part, just different ways to try and manage intake. I love carbs too!

Spaghetti squash with rajas, and rice & beans with avocado and tomato.



I try to sneak in as many meatless meals as I can without my husband catching on. Thanks for all these creative ideas. I think I’ll make pasta with pesto, kale and tomatoes tonight and leave out the sausage I had intended to toss in. See if anyone complains :rofl:


Thanks for that. I looked up rajas.

Vietnamese-style, replacing pork chops with tofu.

Also Vietnamese-style. The same dish is stuffed with pork mince.