Simple but Pleasant Lunch at Hong Kong Restaurant [Palo Alto]

Four of us met for lunch on Friday at Hong Kong Restaurant on El Camino Real in Palo Alto. Nothing spectacular, just reasonably well-prepared Cantonese dishes. We ordered:

Beef Stew with lotus root
Pan Fried Seafood with Salty Egg Yolk
Small Chinese Mustard Greens with garlic
Beef stir fried with 3 kinds of mushrooms

My favorite was the fried seafood with salty egg. It was lightly crisped, perfect for me, and very tasty with very good flavor of shrimp and I’m not sure what else. The beef stew was richly flavored with some anise in it and the lotus root was pleasantly crunchy. The beef with mushrooms dish was quite plain though I did enjoy the one shitake mushroom I got. The other mushrooms were uninteresting and not plentiful.

Including tax and tip, the bill was $31.50 per person.


Love the mustard greens, so fresh tasting. I liked the beef stew with lotus root, one of my favorite veggies, crispy & crunchy. The beef was tender & flavorfull. I was a little disappointed that there didnt seem to be much salty egg in the seafood pancake thingie, but it was nice & crispy.

@charliemyboy Your photos leap off the page. Just beautiful.

Credit for the photos must go to rwcfoodie. I asked her to take them because my phone’s camera has a cracked lens. Maybe she’ll share her camera model. I was planning on moving to an iPhone mostly for better photos but may have to reconsider.

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Hong Kong Restaurant serves a variety of Hong Kong food at a good price point. I usually get their noodles and congees. Nothing fancy, and its comfortable food. Its not sexy but does some of the dishes better than more well known Hong Kong joints.

Thanks Charlie!!! My phone isnt anything fancy, special or new! I think its an LG V30.