Simon & Garfunkel Stuffing

So just in time for fall I will share my famous recipe for Simon & Garfunkel stuffing.

The base is mostly corn bread for Simons subsequent top 40 career with the addition of a little sour dough for what eventually happened to their relationship. It’s ok to use the stuff from the Boxer, but it’s better if you have leftover corn bread.

To this we add chopped fresh parsley sage rosemary and thyme. Be careful not to over do it with Rosemary as she is a little bossy and will really take over the dish.

Brown a little country sausage (kosher turkey of course) add some chopped celery, onions and a half stick of buttah, cause buttah is the real bridge over troubled waters.

Mix all the ingredients in a big mixing bowl, season liberally for Simon, add chicken broth to moisten, and mix.

Bake at 375 F in a buttered baking dish for a half hour, or until the top browns.

Let cool, put on greatest hits and enjoy.


Fresh out of the oven, garnished with garden herbs.

To be served with a smoked turkey, cole slaw, and lingonberries.


Looks very good! Thanks for sharing…(served with cole slaw? Really?)

Yep. Turkey is already smoked so I’m trying to decide whether to serve warm or cold. I’ll prolly also have a little BBQ sauce.

So I’m thinking of S & G as a BBQ side today.

What do you think, warm or cold?

By the way, I’m amazed that you can even think about food today : o !!!

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lol I had my 1/4 cup post work-out oatmeal for breakfast today, it tasted like gyro…my coffee tastes like gyro…everything tastes like gyro. I have no interest in lunch, hopefully by dinner I will lose this permanent gyro taste I have.

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Well maybe you need a little something smoked to get the taste out of your mouth…

So what do you think, warm smoked Turkey or cold?

Well is this a formal invite? Depends on how the end result of the turkey came out, if it retained it’s moisture I would say warm, if it is on the dry side I would say cold. (where you will use a condiment)

Sorry just saw this now. I actually had to do something for work. Yes I know you don’t believe me but I do have to occasionally.

Helga is working until 8 so that’s a little late. I’ll save you some.

I did warm up the bird I figured there could be cold leftovers later.

I’m giving you the bird:

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That sounds like a great combo…! I can’t imagine turning on my oven just yet but stuffing is one of my favoritest fall food groups… I’m thinking i could swap in my favorite faux sausage (probably that one from tofurky people, soyrizo has a huge flavor punch that could be weird here) and use a veg stock.
Do you just make a non-sweet cornbread a few days ahead?

Usually jiffy from the package made with Buttermilk or kefir. I make it with BBQ or ham and greens and then freeze in the leftover in a zip lock to make stuffing later.

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Funny i have never actually made the jiffy mix kind but that’s certainly easy enough. Good call on freezing ahead

Jiffy is good, easy and quick. It does need the tang of the fresh buttermilk tho. I usually bake in a cast iron skillet, an 8" for one package, or a 12" for two.


I’ve been doing a “Scarborough Fair” chicken this way for years.

But why would you use a Kosher Turkey sausage if you are going to make the dish non-Kosher by adding dairy (butter) to it?

Cause it’s hard to find schmalz, you could use margarine.

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